50cc Scooter Tuning Guide or “What exhaust should I buy to match my cylinder?”

50cc Scooter Tuning Guide

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When I started tuning scooter I’ve asked myself numerous times: “Which exhaust is suited for my cylinder and what size of carb should I take? I don’t want to spend money on parts that don’t work well with my setup.” Over the years I’ve gained a lot of knowledge by reading as well as trial and error. To answer the questions I came up with a list of different tuning part profiles for matching setups. Read more to find out which tuning parts match each other and what might be the perfect setup for your next project. Enjoy the best 50cc Scooter Tuning Guide on the net!

How does it work?

Below you’ll find a list of tuning parts, each divided into profiles and categories (like cylinders, exhausts, etc.). The profiles help you to check which cylinders and exhausts match and what size carburetor is suited for those combinations. When you ride a cylinder that is found in Profile 2 you should stick with a carburetor and exhaust from the exact same category. Using a part from another category can perform worse and might even damage your engine (too small carburetor, e.g.).

Please note that we are talking about stock (unmodified) tuning cylinders. Porting (modifying) a cylinder from Profile 4, might improve its performance to a Profile 5 cylinder and therefore making it suitable for Profile 5 exhausts and carburetors.
Everything below should just be used as a guideline, therefore keep in mind that other combinations might work too.

50cc Scooter Tuning Guide Profiles

Scooter Tuning Profile 1

Original 50ccOriginalOriginal (12mm / 14mm)
Polini 50cc cast ironSito +17.5mm Dell’Orto
Malossi 50cc cast ironGiannelli Nardo / Shot
Hebo 50cc cast ironGiannelli Nr-X (Minarelli)
TopPerformances 50cc cast iron (Minarelli)Giannelli Pro 6 / Pro Cee
DR 50cc cast iron (Minarelli)Giannelli Reverse
Polini For Race
Polini Funky
Yamashi S2
Yasuni Z
Yasuni R
Leo Vince Sprinter
Leo Vince ZX
Bidalot S2
Hebo Gara / 104
Tecnigas Next / R
Tecnigas Basic
Kundo Kinetic
Metra Kit / Metra Kit Series II
Arrow Basic
Arrow Performer
Stage6 Pro Replica


Scooter Tuning Profile 2

Polini Evolution 50cc aluDPR (50cc spec)17.5mm Dell’Orto
Malossi MHR 50cc aluYasuni Carrera 2019mm Dell’Orto
Malossi MHR Team 50cc aluBidalot Carrera 2021mm Dell’Orto
Hebo Alu NG 50cc aluPolini Evolution 5024mm Mikuni
Stage6 50cc aluMalossi MHR Team 50


Scooter Tuning Profile 3

Polini 70cc cast ironPolini For RaceOriginal (12mm / 14mm)
Polini 70cc Corsa cast ironYasuni R17.5mm Dell’Orto
Malossi Sport 70cc cast ironGiannelli Nardo / Shot19mm Dell’Orto
Hebo 70cc cast ironHebo Gara / 10421mm Dell’Orto
Airsal 70cc aluMetra Kit Sport Production
TopPerformances Trophy 70cc cast ironHebo 70cc Competition
DR 70cc cast ironBidalot S2
Metra Kit 70cc cast ironStage6 Pro
Stage6 Street Race 70ccTecnigas RS70
Stage6 Sport Pro 70ccLaser X-pro


Scooter Tuning Profile 4

Malossi MHR Replica 70cc aluPolini For Race17.5mm Dell’Orto
Hebo Alu NG 70cc aluPolini Evo Cross19mm Dell’Orto
Hebo Alu / Athena / Eurocilindro 70cc aluPolini Evo 5 / 6 / 7 / 8-serie21mm Dell’Orto
Gilardoni 70cc aluGiannelli Nardo / Shot24mm Mikuni / TopPerformances
Polini Alu W 70cc alu (Piaggio)Yasuni R
TopPerformances Due Plus 70cc cast iron (Minarelli)Yasuni / Bidalot Carrera 16
Athena (T-port) 70cc aluHebo Racing I
Hebo (T-port, old type) 70cc aluJolly Moto
Metra Kit Sport Production 70cc aluJolly Moto SP
Airsal T6 70cc aluArrow Limited Series
Stage6 Racing 70cc (MKII)Stage6 R1200
TJT Racing (Piaggio)
Tecnigas RS70


Scooter Tuning Profile 5

Metra Kit Pro RaceMalossi MHR Team 7019mm Dell’Orto [Black Edition]
Metra Kit Pro Race 2Malossi MHR Team 200021mm Dell’Orto [Black Edition]
Malossi MHR 70ccMalossi MHR Team 2004 (Piaggio)25mm Dell’Orto
Malossi MHR Team 70ccMalossi MHR Team 2006 (Minarelli)26mm Dell’Orto
Malossi MHR Team 7T 70ccPolini Evolution 5-serie28mm Dell’Orto
Malossi MHR Team 7T – Factory Tuned 70ccPolini Evolution 6-serie24mm TopPerformances / Mikuni Flatslide
Malossi MHR Speed Replica 70cc (Piaggio)Yasuni / Bidalot Carrera 1628mm Keihin / Hebo
Malossi MHR Cross 70ccYasuni / Bidalot Carrera 2028mm OKO / Koso
Polini Evolution 70ccYasuni / Bidalot Carrera 21Ibea (Kart carb, different sizes)
Polini Evolution 2 70ccYasuni / Bidalot Carrera 30HHC (Kart carb, different sizes)
Polini Evolution 3 70ccHebo Racing IITillotson (Kart carb, different sizes)
Polini BIG Evolution (85mm conrod)Hebo Racing IVBaroni (Kart carb, different sizes)
Hebo Manston 70ccMetra Kit Pro RaceJHC (Kart carb, different sizes)
Hebo Manston 2 70ccMetra Kit Pro Race 2
Stage6 R/T 70ccDPR (70cc editions)
TJT Racing (Minarelli)Stage6 R1400
XSH ROOST 70cc exhaust


Scooter Tuning Profile 6

2Fast4Race (78cc; 47,6mm x 44mm)*Malossi MHR Team 2004 / 2006 (Piaggio)28mm Dell’Orto
2Fast4Race (86cc; 50mm x 44mm)Malossi MHR Team 2006 (Minarelli)28mm Keihin / Hebo
TCR; Team Cristofolini Racing (80cc; 47,6 x 45mm)Malossi MHR Team Big Bore28mm OKO / Koso
TCR; Team Cristofolini Racing (90cc; 50mm x 46mm)*Yasuni / Bidalot Carrera 2130mm OKO / Koso
Malossi Big Bore Kit (77cc; 50mm x 39,3 / 39,2mm)*Yasuni / Bidalot Carrera 3032mm OKO / Koso
Malossi Big Bore Kit (86cc; 50mm x 44mm)*JS DPR33mm Keihin PJ
Polini Big Bore Kit (83cc; 52mm x 39,2mm / 39,3mm)*TRT 2Fast34mm OKO / Koso
Polini Big Bore Kit (93cc; 52mm x 44mm)*Team CristofoliniIbea (Kart carb, different sizes)
XSH ROOST 77cc / 86ccHHC (Kart carb, different sizes)
Polini BIG EvolutionTillotson (Kart carb, different sizes)
Baroni (Kart carb, different sizes)
JHC (Kart carb, different sizes)

*Bore x Stroke

What setup do you ride? Have you also created setup profiles and know which parts work well together? Let us know in the comments below or post in the forum!

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