News: Polini Tuning Products 2013 revealed – Polini carburetor, Polini ECU and more

If you were following Polini’s Twitter and Facebook page you have noticed that there was some kind of countdown going on saying that they will announce their 2013 product lineup today. So here you go fresh from Italy all the new 2013 Polini products.

If you are like me much more interested in 70cc scooters and try to avoid the hype about the maxi scooters recently the lineup for 2013 is unfortunately not for you. However there is one product that certainly stands out – Polini’s very own carburetor. This will certainly raise an eyebrow or two in Italy and Japan. Read all about it below in Polini’s press statement


“The first carburetor in the history of Polini is not only new but it’s a technologically improved carburetor. “

This was the Polini’s great idea, and this is the great result: an innovative carburetor, whose every single component has been designed, developed and manufactured by the company of Bergamo.
Available in a wide range of diameters – 15/17.5/19/21/23/24 – it is entirely made of aluminium, it has compact dimensions and it is 40% lighter than a traditional carburetor.


The inlet pipe is very short and it features an exclusive concentric design and a geometry that optimizes the air flows when the gases pass through. The overflow of petrol in the atomizer has been designed to ensure correct flow dynamic at every position of the throttle valve when opens. The hole where the petrol enters and the larger needle allow the constant draft even in the most extreme conditions. The float level, completely made of plastic, and the needle seal are carefully controlled in the production department to ensure the same standard of efficiency over time. These features considerably simplify the setup of the carburetor. Thanks to the extremely sophisticated calibration, the petrol-air flows, main and low jets, have been designed to achieve the best performance with lower consumption. The compact size of the new carburetor is the result of a careful and meticulous management of the inner space and the maximum efficiency of all the components, subjected to strict controls.


To ensure an easy and precise assembly on the best sellers engines and its compatibility to different filter boxes, both originals and racing, flanges with different diameters are available. A prestigious project like this has required a deep synergy of competences in this field. An extraordinary teamwork between the technical and the racing department to reach the goal which is visible to everybody: a technologically advanced product and of absolute reliability.

A further confirmation by Polini which always makes the dreams of who is “racing” inside come true.

100% Made In Italy

Retail price euro 73,50 + VAT



  • 201.1500 – Ø 15
  • 201.1700 – Ø 17,5
  • 201.1900 – Ø 19
  • 201.2100 – Ø 21
  • 201.2300 – Ø 23



  • 201.1501 – Ø 15
  • 201.1701 – Ø 17,5
  • 201.1901 – Ø 19
  • 201.2101 – Ø 21
  • 201.2301 – Ø 23

Those are very big words from Polini and I am looking very much forward to review one of them here and compare them to the standard Dellorto and PWK carbs (this is if Polini can finally answer my emails…;)) Making carburetors is certainly one of the most difficult endeavors and involves a lot of protoyping and research. I am even more surprised that Polini is clearly aiming for the mass market here (Ø 15) and I would honestly not be surprised if you can find one of those in future stock models from Piaggio and other Italian brands.

The carburator is available at various diameters ranging from Ø 15 to Ø 23 and thus becoming a direct competitor for the Dellorto as well as the smaller Keihin PWK OEM carbs. At a Retail price of less than 100Euros those will for sure sell incredibly well if they really stand up to what Polini promises. Here’s some more beauty shots:






Due to popular demand Polini also brought their old evolution variator back. There were a lot of rumors about the 9 rollers version not being as beneficial as announced and a lot of racing teams sticked with the 6 roller variant. So now you can even buy it in the shops again. The 9 rollers version remains in the product portfolio tho. Here’s the official words:


Polini presents HI SPEED EVOLUTION R02, the 6 roller variator dedicated to the racing world.

Designed for all the scooters equipped with 50cc Piaggio and Minarelli engines, it ensures lightning fast pickup and at the same time extraordinary performance in terms of top speed. The kit includes the spring with 8% load increase complete with the Evo Slider, the anti-torsion system which eliminates the twisting problems of the  spring improving the sliding.
The chrome-plated axle has also been increased in its diameter to ensure ultra-smooth sliding  and to increase resistance to deformation. More performance then, but also less servicing costs: improved bush and pin lubrication, better polishing of the sliding surfaces and the quality of the material of the rollers allows for a better wear resistance, all to increase the reliability advantage.

HI SPEED EVOLUTION R02. If you are looking for it, find it on the starting grid.

100% Made in Italy

retail price: euro 66,00 + VAT


Besides that Polini released a bunch of racing parts for the Yamaha T-Max 530 and other big bore maxi scooters. If you are interested in these you can read all about it here.


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