Polini Announces Original Muffler for 50cc Scooters

Polini Original Muffler Series

The good folks over at Polini have today announced their Polini Original Muffler series. The product targets the market for stock replacement mufflers and is not expected to increase the performance of the engine. All mufflers are UE homologated, which means you can legally ride them on the road.

Polini Original Muffler Compatible Models

The mufflers are available for the following 50cc scooter models:

The muffler of course fits matching engines for other scooter models this however won’t be street legal then (if you care ;).

Press Announcement

Here are the official words from Polini:


Polini Motori presents the new range of “ORIGINAL” mufflers.

The endless demand from the market of original spare parts has goaded Polini’s technicians to design a new range of   UE HOMOLOGATED   mufflers for 50cc scooters.

The body, completely made of steel with dull-black paint, has an inside silencer able to grant good performance, maintaining low noise emission levels.
A thermal-resistant bulkhead has been fitted outside to protect from heat.

100% made in Italy 

Public price euro 81,00 + VAT

My two cents

At around 100€ including tax, the Polini Original Muffler means serious competition for established replacement part brands like Motoforce. Even more interesting is the fact, that the muffler is made in Italy (hard to believe at this price point). This means we can expect a relatively high quality compared to the usual China made replacement mufflers. Let’s hope that Polini goes further with this approach. We are looking forward to more original spare parts by Polini!

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