Throttle Opening restriction

Slider opening restriction

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  1. How To Restrict A 50cc Scooter – ElectricBikeSimulator

    […] To meet UK regulations, an engine must be subjected to a number of restrictions. In addition to increased performance, restricting the scooter will allow it to accelerate much faster, typically by 75 kilometers per hour). It is common for fuel consumption to rise but may fall or remain the same as the environment. Because of the vibrations, the engine transmission cannot reach its maximum gear ratio, resulting in a reduction in top speed. There are only a few exhaust restrictions that can be removed by buying a shorter exhaust manifold. The use of piston stoppers is not recommended because they can break the piston, cylinder head, and even the crank shaft. The rider is unable to fully open the carburator during the throttle opening restriction. […]

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