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  1. Sritej BS
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    I’m an under age scooter rider from India. My parents got me a scooter just because I’m not licensed to ride motorbikes. I’m too keen about increasing the performance of my scooter. And since my place doesn’t have enough tuners who can get me increased performance, I’m depending on online help to get more power out of my scooter. Would love to get more and more tips from you!

  2. paddy
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    i have a gilera ice 50, ive recently bought a stage 6 exhaustm which should have fit on my ped, but the mainfold where i join them together are 90 degrees out? so it wont join as the holes for the bolts need to be moved round? what manifold do i need to buy?

  3. Dylan
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    I have a 125cc honda Aero, currently it goes around 45-50. Id like some help on how to get the moped to reach higher speeds. Which parts are necessary to buy to tune up the engine? and where to buy them at.

  4. theodor
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    Is driving with a derestricted CDi bad for the scooter in anyway? Assuming i dont derestrict anything else.

  5. Bobby
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    Are there washers on the needle valve that can be moved around to increase speed

  6. greenhorn
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    just finished reading the ‘How to de-restrict a 50cc Scooter’ page, and i must say that I’ve just learn’t more in the past 15 minutes, than i have in the 2 years of riding & reading nothing but $H|T£ on the net. I call it this as you’ve just clarified every issue I’ve been having over the past few months [as a newbie] whilst trying to de-restrict / re-tune my own nifty50!

    They’re all either yobs wanting to outrun the 5 0, or either have the understanding and are lax in presenting it, or they just don’t care for the fine collaboration of the machine parts to enhance performance whilst maintaining it’s longevity.

    At least YOU have an understanding of the operation & function of the parts you talk about, and describe them in a manner that is easy to comprehend. Even for someone like me who today, for the first time, had a go at de-restricting my variator – with little success.

    This page has stopped me dead in my tracks and made me re-evaluate everything i thought i knew about scooters!

    Please Please Please… Send all like links to the supplied e-mail address !!!

    In return, as a sign of respect for finally organizing the mass of de-fragmented scooter info in my head, i will recommend visiting this page in every forum i’m listed with

  7. greenhorn
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    P.S. List of questions still remain unanswered tho! more to follow…

  8. Kmcquill
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    Hi Daniel, I just had a read of your de restriction page and it was very helpful.
    I have 2012 Piaggio typhoon 50 and at present it will do approx 65-70kmh max on the flat and 30-50kmh uphill and id really like your advice on how to make my scooter better at travelling up hills.

    Currently the scooter has had the carby rejetted and some sort of derestriction on the stock exhaust by the previous owner.

    Any advice or info on what I should do to increase my scooters performance especially for the annoying hills would be appreciated.

  9. Greenhorn
    Greenhorn at |

    Lookin forward to v2.0!

    But as my name suggests, i am still relatively new to all this, and so follows the first of my quandaries…

    Still with the nifty (JC 50 QT-20 sudoku)…

    No dummy pipe fitted, unsure bout other exhaust res’s as no weldin equip’ available, vario’ (? wedding ?) ring previously removed, no slider openin res’s, no carb air supply res’s, intake manifold size unchecked as further reading required…

    Bought it @ £150. minimal damage to seat, fairings, etc… but also dmg to air filter, was virtually hangin off where the piping exits the filter heading towards the carb. before i noticed this i was getting a good 45mph [Level Road], after i noticed i made a judgement call to seal it best i could til can afford new one, so when fully sealed max mph is reduced to 30-33 [LR].

    I’ve a fairly good understandin of the importance of o2 in the combustion process, and how sealing up the filter hole would invariably lead to a loss in power output, but it is not this that vexes me?!

    When i removed the vario’ to inspect the ring, with two lengths of bicycle chain linked together and attached round the center stand structure for leverage by the way, i immediately noticed that the ‘travel line’ of the belt was a poor 2/3rds of the way up the var’ and looked like it had never even been close to full potential.

    This lead me to the conclusion that the thing was restricted in some other manor, so before coming here i trawled the net and found info on carb jet cleaning, jet needle adjustment and air/fuel calibration among others. After doing the above jobs i still noticed no further top end addition, although i did solve the bogging issue through the acceleration range.

    Frustrated, I left the damn thing alone for a few days, then thinking that the restriction may have something to do with the rev’s,i remembered a video i’d downloaded off youTube that mentioned a ‘pink wire’, and after hours of collaborative research into it, i was under the assumption that as my CDI was 6 pin with 6 wires, one being predominantly white with a pink stripe, and being located at the pin that leads from the CDI to the ‘stator trigger pulse’, that temporarily cutting this wire would ‘fool the bike into thinking it is standing still, and allow you to rev’ the bike as high as you want!’, alas guess what happened when i cut it ;) that’s right absolutely JACK $H|T, it wouldn’t even start, so reattached wire an starts fine as usual…

    Got to thinkin bout rollers in vario’. don’t know too much bout them at the mo, but understand the value of their weights acting in relation to the centrifugal force to produce torque on the belt system. what i have read and further more what i understand, so far makes some sense. it would explain in some manner why there is absolutely on acceleration to speak of when taking off on the damn thing, compared to other nifty’s I’ve rode that take off as fast as a bra in a strip club.

    All-in-all. NONE of this explains to me why the belt is not traveling fully up the vario’ and so allowing the bike to reach it’s intended potential, or maybe i’m just missing something that’s staring me right in the face and i just don’t know to look for it yet?

    P.S. thanks for replyin! appreciated.

  10. Greenhorn
    Greenhorn at |

    You’re right it is difficult! Thinkin it would just be easier to put the thing on e-bay or auto-trader an buy me a 125!

    It’s confirmed as being a ‘Long Case – GY6 139QMB’ engine according to the chassis and:

    And a ‘JCM139QMB’ according to:

    1. CDI – Obviously ‘pink wire’ had no effect, but would i be right in deducing that de-restricted CDI’s have only 5 wires regardless of the pin count? Either way, I’m swaying towards this as being the problem due to it never excelling past 7.5-8 thou’ rev’s!

    Am lookin into buyin an unrestricted one at the mo, seems a lot of people buyin em on eBay an buyin the wrong one’s. Don’t wanna make the same mistake!

    P.S. – you mentioned ‘You can’t modify them yourself’. Please be a little more specific as to the type of modification(s) and the reason(s) why. This will help in clarifying my understanding of the CDI, as i’m only JUST learning how it functions…

    2. BELT (default width = TBA)(verified width = TBA) – never thought about it being too narrow?! Would this simply be a case of wear-an-tear? I mean bike is only 3yrs old, and has more than likely never bin changed, which begs the question of the longevity of belts?

    My initial worry was that the belt looked like it had too much slack, as if it had been over-stretched, but i know virtually nothing bout ’em. Will replace with new one anyway for DIRECT comparison for future reference.

    3. REAR PULLEY – There is a ‘squealing’ noise coming from around the rear wheel when I initially start up and pull away, the same noise as you sometimes hear on a car as it pulls away, but i might have mistakenly put this down to the brake needing to be replaced, although the brake has poor stopping distance!

    I’m now wondering if it could be the pulley making this noise due to some kind of interference. Be it rust, damage, lack of lubrication, or something else??? Time to go on the hunt!

    4. ROLLERS (weight: TBA) – My bro the mechanic, so to speak, who grew up fixin scooters is my only source of experience in this field and i ask him bout anythin first, but when i asked him bout the rollers bein too small an affectin the g’s on the plates resulting in not fully closin, he looked at me with a look as to say ‘what $h|t is he chattin’ and replied with an answer that suggests that any weight rollers should automatically fully close the plates… And when it was in the garage for it’s MOT last week I asked the mech’ the same Q and got the opposite answer!

    P.S – MOT last week showed no indication of pulley trouble, or anything else for that matter! Also didn’t notice much wear on rollers when last looked but will double check anyway…

    While I get the weights & measures TBA’d above, here’s another one for ye…

    Whilst running & idol my rev’s won’t sit still. After numerous attempts to set the carb idol screw to bout 1,800 rev’s (1.8k) which is just enough to stop me mirrors vibrating and the thing takin off whilst stationary, it just keeps on fluctuating. I can just be sittin on it not touchin a thing an the rev needle will raise to 2k – 2.2k then drop either back to or below 1.8k and bounce about like this almost constantly, but only while idol. 3 times today it cut out on me at the lights goin to & from work because the rev’s dropped too low.

  11. Greenhorn
    Greenhorn at |

    Thanks for gettin back to me D…

    I see what you mean now bout the CDI modification – or lack of. Never even considered opening it up and by-passing the restriction, which is, i’m guessing, the mod you’re talkin bout!? either way i’ll be getin a de-restricted one.

    am reaching 17.5k on the clock an i bet the belt ain’t bin changed yet so there’s another new part for the ever-growing list.

    will lube the pulley. cheers for the info on the springs makin the noise, wouldn’t have bin able to diagnose that myself.

    in the case of the rollers… I finally got my bro the mech to come on a little ride the other day, see he’s got a nifty himself (I forget the make an model) and it’s rapid to say the least and i wanted to see how it compared to mine. Suffice to say I was put to shame by my little bro for the first time in my life as he out-done me on both top-end and acceleration. When we finally stopped for a chat, i had a go of his myself so i could see how mine should ride with no restrictions in place and the thing nearly took off from under my asre the acceleration was that fast!

    Now although his nifty is noticeably smaller in size to mine, I’m having to push myself off when starting up even the smallest of inclines, my god i went to my grandmothers the other day an she lives on a fairly steep hill an as i was leaving i couldn’t even get the bike to move up hill with me on it! I had to push the frakin thing up to a lesser incline… the shame…

    I don’t know the differences in performance between the two but he was on a 2 stroke compared to my 4.

    Anyway the idle speed you mentioned makes sense as my air filter is still holier than the pope an i CAN imagine their being debris gettin in but just can’t afford any new parts at the mo as am recently outa the job so it’l have to wait…

    Although I haven’t yet put carb cleaner through the system, I did think there might be some debris cloggin the jets or somethin else, so took the carb apart an ensured all openings were free of dirt by threading fuse wire through them. Though i didn’t think to check if the idle had settled at the time, regardless the problem is still there…

    Please forgive my naivety in the next sentence, it’s just the way i was brought up, I’m in no way racist but…

    how DO you tell a chink bike from a jap? they all look the same!

    Listen, thanks man anyway. I know i can’t half go on, but you’ve bin a god send in helping me understand this as a greenhorn, there’s just so much to take in with so little explanation other than here.

    Will try the recommendations you suggest an be back in touch soon, hopefully with news that i’ve just come outa hospital coz you’ve solved all my problems an i’ve crashed the frackin thing into a lampost on take off ;)

  12. How To Maintain A Scooter | TuningMatters.com

    […] like, e.g. the variator ring actually damage the variator over time. Have a look at our derestriction article to read more about this […]

  13. Greenhorn
    Greenhorn at |

    Hi D.

    No further news to add as of yet altho did hit 50mph yesterday in the liverpool tunnel (down hill) on my nifty ;)

    might have gotten ahead of myself here but just picked up a suzuki ts125x as a first geared project, as never ridden one b4, and am having trouble finding the relevant service manuals and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction?

    the bike is in pieces and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, so i generally need to know where everything goes including wiring diagrams?

    I currently have the pdf manuals:
    1) Suzuki TS125 – Service Manual
    2) Yamaha_DT200_97(4AN8) [french version]

    And am watching the videos @:
    1) http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmezqKXGAxLu-w1_5a7uPFAfijn4dffvX

    The manuals are useless but the videos, altho for the YZ125, show me the basics…

    If there is no direction you can point me in then maybe you know of other bikes that match the specs of the TS so I can look their manuals and vids up instead?

    Most important is the wiring diagrams tho, as the loom i have for it is seperate from the bike and has wires that are cut and need replacing!

    As allways, thanx

  14. Greenhorn
    Greenhorn at |

    Ps that should have been a post not a reply?!

  15. bobbins
    bobbins at |

    Hi Daniel.
    My son’s got a Lexmoto lsm 50. We’ve derestricted by buying the modded cdi,when opening up to full throttle it only revs up to 9000 rpm then backs down to 8000 and keeps alternating between the two,you can get past it by adjusting how much throttle you give it but if you give it too much it bogs.
    Any ideas?

  16. bobbins
    bobbins at |

    Thanks for the quick reply.No other changes made other than the cdi.The air filter is stock and the main jet is 90,we tried an 80 and it made it worse

  17. neil
    neil at |

    Hi ,daniel ,I have a yamaha neos yn50 2 stroke,I have put a q-tre sports exhaust on will I have to put a different jet size on carb the one I have on is size 60.

  18. neil
    neil at |

    p.s I derestricted exhaust.

  19. Ingemars
    Ingemars at |

    Hi Daniel. I am new here. Can you give me some idea about Scooter vespa LX50 4T, engene code C389M. Seems it is scooter with max speed 25km/h. I have ordered new cdi (602882M083), changed it, but without any change, the same speed -max25/km/h. Do you have any idea, how to make this scooter faster?

  20. Ingemars
    Ingemars at |

    Sorry was mistake in cdi code, I have ordered cdi ducati 639978. Could it be the same OM cdi with built in speed limiter?

  21. Garry
    Garry at |

    Hi just wondering if you can give me some advice on how to tune my speedfight 1 50cc it has 70cc kit but reaching 45 max

  22. Arrie
    Arrie at |

    Hi i want to derestrict my 2 stroke 50cc scooter it is a Honda Hero Winner. I cant find much on this scooter so i know nothing about it. The fastest it will go is about 58km/h and if im lucky 60km/h. i dont have any money to use to upgrade it or buy parts otherwise i would buy a new one that goes faster. Can you please help me with tips on making it go faster? I just cause traffic everywhere i go and in South Africa that is not a good thing. Thanks

  23. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    Hi I was looking through these posts and it seemed interesting! I have a 2013 Honda Ruckus and I was wondering if derestricting it is possible and is it worth it? Also, would cdi box benefit me or no. Any insight would be appreciated as I can’t seem to find a legit answer anywhere!

  24. Joe
    Joe at |

    Those restrictions from the manufacturer are kind of funny in Colorado. Did I say funny? I meant pointless. Here, just the thinner air does a number on your effective HP. I was looking here, for info just to get the bike performing to the levels it would in a higher-pressure, warmer climate, with a lack of hills with 10% inclines. It won’t even get up hills, yet alone drive at dangerous speeds! Thanks for the information – don’t have the money right now but it’s useful to plan with. If we decide to do any tuning mods, we’ll have to look into Colorado’s rules and if we need to get a MC designation on our licenses.

    Now to find out why it’s not charging – my bet’s on the almost constant rain that we’ve been receiving lately…

  25. Marco
    Marco at |

    Hello Daniel

    I don’t speak very well English, and I was wondering if you can help me, my moped is a Honda vision 50 cc 4 stroke. The panel says its restricted to 30 And my question is that i would like to increases the speed more than 30, at least to 40 because going up the hill it goes to 20, and when I am caring one bag of shopping its more slow. Can you tell me if its possible to increase the speed. My moped is from 2012 please let me know as soon as possible.

    Many Thanks

    Marco Piedra

  26. Paul
    Paul at |

    Thanks for this great guide!

    I have a ’98 Yamaha that is dangerously slow going up any sort of hill. It reaches 45 on the flat (even with the variator restriction), but will slow to under 20 on even a moderate gradient. Following your guide I have now removed the variator ring, and looked for the exhaust restriction on the Leo Vince Touring, but it was not present. Anyway the engine still bogs down after the initial acceleration, in fact it has the opposite of the very sharp 2 stroke acceleration I was used to with my previous ’96 Piaggio. I can perhaps get a hardly noticeable increase in power if I use a little (manual) choke. What should I check/change/adjust next?

    Many thanks – Paul

  27. bryan
    bryan at |


    This is a very interesting blog!

    I bought a 2013 Kymco super 8 50cc 2t scooter last month. the top speed is 58kmh,can you give me some suggestion to improve the engine performance?



  28. Kimmy M/C and Scooter Tech in Reno, NV
    Kimmy M/C and Scooter Tech in Reno, NV at |

    I have found that on Tao Tao Scooters and Roketa, as well as most other Chinese scooters too; that removing the black plastic plate between the cylinder head and intake manifold greatly increases the power of the scooter, that combined with removing the air box, blocking off the emissions system with a vacuum cap on the intake manifold, replacing the main jet with a #95 jet and installing a UNI Filter is a cheap and extremely effective way of getting tons more power out of your engine. By doing those few things you will have an extremely noticeable increase in power. }:)

  29. Lee
    Lee at |

    Hi there I have just bought myself a 2008 generic cracker 50cc been driving about on it and it is going way too slow on flats i am reaching about 25 mph tops and I really need to do something about this as I am getting left wayyy behind by other people on 50cc’s is there anything i can do or get that would give me more speed even to fully top the speed out.
    Thanks Lee

  30. shaun
    shaun at |

    Hi Daniel,
    I have a lexmoto lsm 50 with a 90cc big bore kit I have changed the main jet to a 105 that was recommended by a motorcycle shop and have changed the cdi to a full power one but the bike still tops out at 30 mph is there any other ways of restricting it I can look for.
    Thanks Shaun

  31. mark g
    mark g at |

    Have you had a look to see if there is a restricting collar on the front pulleys? That will limit your top speed.

  32. Shaun
    Shaun at |

    Hi, would a geared bike have front pulleys and if so where would they be.
    Thanks shaun

  33. Shaun
    Shaun at |

    Hi daniel, bike has standard exhaust with the baffles removed, It revs up fine and does 35mph downhill bit the revs just keep increasing till it sounds like its going to explode.
    thanks shaun

  34. Shaun
    Shaun at |

    Thanks for the help have ordered some new sprockets
    thanks shaun

  35. Matus
    Matus at |

    Hi, I just got my Vespa Primavera 50 2T derestricted in certified Vespa garage, but on my way home I noticed that acceleration isn’t what it used to be. Sure, I can reach 60kph now, but getting to 40kph is a pain. I could take on any car on stoplights before, now I feel like I’m bogging down the traffic…
    Any idea what may be wrong? Thanks mate

  36. Adam Green
    Adam Green at |

    Hi, I have an aprillia area 51 which you hav probs seen, they are quite a big moped for a 50cc, 100kg dry weight. Top of the range in every sense really! It goes about 58-60mph on the flat, 65mph downhill, and maybe 45 uphill, variator ring is out, what else could be done to speed it up, its quick as it is but I want more! Thanks!

  37. mike
    mike at |

    i have a 2009 50cc keeway f-act japanese performance scooter..does it have restrictions and where and what would be the restrictions on it

  38. muhammed ahmed
    muhammed ahmed at |

    hi david i live in pakistan and have a yamaha junoon yd 100 and its cdi has gone faulty….the original is 1.too expensive 2.not availble any where near to me 3.its quality is not good as compared to the original one that came with the bike so it will probs go faulty again….what im thinking is of installing cg 125’s cdi and coil with my own bike…now what i wanted to know is what are the disadvantages of having too much spark in the spark plug….i mean im installing a heavy cdi in place of original one

  39. MMT
    MMT at |

    Hi I have this 50cc Pocket bike I’m a person that loves to go fast. Not sure I how to increase the performance of this type of engine , been looking at all of performance heads and cylinders, carburetors, transmissions, etc. I would like to increase the speed but not sure what I should buy, nor if that’s what is the problem or if they are even able to be customized to high performance engines

  40. Nigel
    Nigel at |

    Hi Daniel

    i’ve just derestricted my sx1 and it’s capable of 90km the only problem is it won’t pull off the line. i believe the vario roller weights need increasing is this correct and to what sort of weight ?

  41. Luke Roigard
    Luke Roigard at |

    Ive got a 1984 honda nh125 / 1999 af28 dio you will have to see it to get what I mean but the problem is for me that it is only getting up to 1/2 the speed that the specks say it can reach and thats after having a few aftermarket parts can you help please

  42. Larry Schwetz
    Larry Schwetz at |

    Your info is great, got a taotao just to run food for the stray cats,(deh Florida).
    Thank you for the info and hope to help some other people that have the same desire of better speed.

    Warm Regards,

    Larry S.

  43. Stephen
    Stephen at |

    Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for the interesting article.
    Im looking to get into customising mopeds but would like to find out some information as to what the restrictions are in German. ( I noticed you mentioed ‘Here in Germany’ ) And was hoping you could tell me where I can find out information regarding ‘what’ is or isnt legal in German ?

  44. James
    James at |

    hi daniel,
    I have an aprilia Rx50 2009 model and when accelerating down a hill after 40mph it will not accelerate anymore could this be the CDI restricting it?

  45. Les
    Les at |

    Help just had clutch to bits on piaggio nr3 now engine cuts. Out at half throttle anybody know why

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  47. Jamie
    Jamie at |

    Hi, I am in the process of restricting my keeway fact 50. I have ready that changin the main carb valve for a 60 valve is a good option. Is it only nessesary to change this if I am adding a performance exhaust?? Or will it still make a difference to change it with the stock exhaust. Any help would be so welcome. Its been hard to get thia restricted but I am getting there.

  48. Glen
    Glen at |

    Can you get a vespa lx50 derestricted or something to make it faster.

  49. colin
    colin at |

    Hi Daniel, I have bought a sachs sx-1 which was standard but broken so I have fitted a new 70cc cylinder and cylinder head, new Leo Vince exhaust (with restrictor removed) and unrestricted new C D I. The bike starts and ticks over and runs at low revs OK but when I give it a hand full of throttle it bogs down and backfires. I have cleaned the carb out but I have not changed the main jet or the piece that connects the carb to the engine. Any tips would be appreciated, cheers colin

  50. colin
    colin at |

    Hi Daniel, The bike runs the same whether I fit the standard CDI or the unrestricted CDI. I have had a problem with the auto choke as the bike is hard to start and does not rev slightly higher when first started but seems ok when it warms up. I have tested the auto choke by wiring it to a 12v battery and it seems to work ok (gets warm and extends out by 5-10mm) but I am not sure how far it should go back in when cold do you think this has anything to do with the problem, cheers colin

  51. James Reddy
    James Reddy at |

    Hi I have a 50cc derbi pro 2011, i have taken off the restrictor plate, do you know if you are supposed to raise the jet or lower the jet?
    2ndly do you know of any other restrictions?
    cheers james

  52. colin
    colin at |

    hi Daniel, the air cleaner has been cleaned I have not changed the jetting at all its the same as when it left the factory ( if I have to change the main jet do I go bigger or smaller ? ) as is the carb. I have cleaned the carb before I re-fitted it, cheers colin

  53. Dallas McFalls
    Dallas McFalls at |

    Hi I have two kemco scooters 2013 50cc likes would like them to go faster
    need some help thanks.

  54. mark robinson
    mark robinson at |

    Just bought a kymco k pipe 50 and though it will do 38 on a flat run it drops down to 20 or less on all but the slightest of hills.Can you tell me how the bike is restricted and I will endeavour to work around it.

    2013 kymco k pipe 50cc

  55. Williamciz
    Williamciz at |

    All the best

  56. Per Olav Ludvigsen
    Per Olav Ludvigsen at |

    Hi I just bougt an Honda NSC50R in Norway , it is limited to go in max speed 45 kmh i have ordered a CDI /Turbo kit TK-TJ015-UR1VN Have i ordered the right part ? Im bout oleo the vriator racing weight to this model,Do you think i have done it correctly ?

    Best regards Per

  57. Adam
    Adam at |

    Hi Dan,
    What do you know about restrictions on SYM jets port 50x 2013

  58. mika
    mika at |

    “A catalyst has to operate at a high temperature to perform in its intended way. Unfortunately high temperatures should try to be avoided when increasing performance (increasing temperatures equal a loss of energy into heat).”

    Hey Daniel, unfortunately, you dont have a clue what is going on there, so here it is:
    High temperatures, of course, can not be avoided, be it in engine or exhaust, be it stock scooter or not.
    What is going on is that unburnt fuel from engine gets burned in catalyst. UNBURNT – so, of course there is no “loss of energy”. There is only loss of pollution to air.

    Aftermarket exhausts do not have catalysts for one reason only – profit of manufacturers.
    Again, you get no performance boost if you take out the catalyst and let unburnt fuel pollute the air that we breath, instead of getting it burned in the catalyst. 2T engines are polluting much more than 4T. Also, removing catalyst from exhaust is illegal.

    1. Lee
      Lee at |

      Hi Steve did you find out what restrictions you have ?

    2. jono
      jono at |

      nothing illegal in racing
      besides the unburnt fuel fume coming out the pipe smells terrific and that’s what we’re after

      so, bore big
      drown the engine
      and only necessary dwarf pipe
      hail brute force !!!

  59. steve p
    steve p at |

    Hello all.
    Great website. Does anyone know what restrictions are on the Lexmoto vienna 50cc. cant find any info anywhere. thanks guys.

  60. Martin
    Martin at |

    Hi! Thank you for the information combined in such a nice article!
    I really struggle for information about my 4 stroke Yamaha aerox 2015. It has a Minarelli 50cc engine. According to my official papers the engine is NS-50F. Unfortunately after a long-long time checking here and there, trying to find an unrestricted CDI for my scooter I couldn’t even find any info not only about that but also about my engine in general. The local dealer is really uncooperative and refuses to provide any info on the restriction itself (i.e. What kind, where, how many etc). I wrote to Racing planet but they do not support this bike. They don’t carry any parts for it. I’m really stuck with trying to find solution and its getting really frustrating how I can’t overcome this stupid problem.
    Can you please, please, please give me any info about my bike and how to get rid of this restriction? Thanks in advance

  61. Hampus
    Hampus at |

    Hello Daniel!
    I own a TGB Bullet RS. And its restricted, though I’m not sure if it’s the CDI box. I’ve spoken to many people about this, and they’ve said that it isn’t CDI restricted because their “TGB Jetfighter” or other TGB scooter wasn’t CDI restricted.
    When i drive on flat surface my moped comes up to 50 KPH and stops there, it sounds like something is stopping the rev because it sounds like “drrrrrrr” (bad impression but yeah), it sounds like it wants to go faster.
    I have searched on ALOT of websites, and i haven’t found a single derestricted CDI for my Bullet RS. I’ve only found CDI’s for TGB Akros, Jetfighter etc etc. And those CDI’s have 6 pins, which also mine has. I’ve asked the shops about the CDIs, and they are saying it doesn’t work with the Bullet RS.
    Oh well, sorry for rambling, hopefully you’ve got a clue about how my moped is restricted, because being LOCKED down in 50 KPH is very annoying.
    If you know of any CDI for my scooter (IF its CDI restricted ofc) PLEASE link it, I live in Europe btw.
    Thank you.

  62. Cheyenne
    Cheyenne at |


    I currently have a 2016 50CC TaoTao (chinese). Is the CDI the only restriction i should worry about? also how would I go about finding an unrestricted CDI? currently running at way too slow and really need the help.
    Thank you!

  63. Caroline
    Caroline at |

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  64. Hugh Davis
    Hugh Davis at |

    OK, Daniel… My Chinese 50cc 4 stroke scooter already hauls ass… Sort of. It is an old scooter and it comes out of the hole hard esp when the clutch is cold. I tried to adjust the needle in the carb but it’s non adjustable… Clutch locks up at 4200 rpm and revs up to 7800-8000rpm before the variator starts to expand and “shift” … Drops down to 6k and slow to build rpm back up to redline which is 8k. It is not limited CDI as I have run 91-92k rpm at over 50mph. I’ve built many engines in past years… Cars… Twin turbo 300zx, Corvettes, Porsche v8 928s4 etc…and crotch rockets as well as dirt bikes. Although I have zero experience with these seemingly disposable 2 wheelers… Everything breaks… Lol. Here is my question…i don’t understand how removing the air box will cause the engine to bog down bad… It won’t take the gas like it did with the restrictive air box… I’m stumped….I placed a piece of tape over the intake that connected to the air box and that fixed the problem. I don’t understand how a carburetor can get to much air. I covered about one third of the rubber intake tube opening with tape to duplicate the restriction of the air box. Also I don’t know what I’m looking for as far as performance…I love speed and if I could get this little beast to do a wheelie I’d be in heaven. I want more acceleration…I weigh about 185lbs… Can you please give me your thoughts. I just can’t wrap my head around a carb getting to much air… Really… Lol
    Thanks. I need help

  65. Gordon
    Gordon at |

    Anyone have a 2014 Piaggio Fly 50 4T that is derestricted? Mine has a top speed of 35mph/56kph. I ride around the University of Florida and would like just a little more acceleration and speed. 40mph would be great! I believe that I have a restricted CDI. Any idea what the top speed would be with a un-restricted CDI? Are there other easy mods that would give me the same results?

  66. Whipmer Acosta
    Whipmer Acosta at |

    Hey great Blog I Understand the limits and everything at the time, I just got a TaoTao Zummer 2014 50cc it has a limit at 40mph, but here in florida if you go Slow, you probably going to get run over. the thing is that the bike does not respond as I would like it to respond, it is stock. no part changed or anything. What would you recommend for me to just tuned it up a little bit more.?

  67. alan smith
    alan smith at |

    hi , i have a pulse scout, i found and removed a restriction using a dremmel pencil grinder, it was located in the throttle twist grip housing ,was a thin barrier part of the ally casting that simply stopped the twist grip from fully rotating by catching on a nylon lug on the twist grip!! by removing it or even simply filing the nylon part away i found the carb butterfly opened fully and not half way as previously.

  68. Mike
    Mike at |

    Hey Daniel,
    I live in the states and i’ve been looking into getting a 50cc engine. I was curious whether or not i should apply to a light bike/motorcycle frame, to get that kind of bobber or kikker look. would this be a good or bad idea. i just personally think they look and i think it would look cool to putt around town on

  69. Keegan
    Keegan at |

    Hi, I have a friend who just unplugged the cdi( black box in battery area if the name is wrong) and just uses his kick start and it worked for him, will this work for all models or only certain ones.

  70. Shane
    Shane at |

    Hey mate, i have a 110cc Honda Benly. It’s given to me as a company vehicle, so i only want to derestrict it, because quite honestly the lack of performance scares me more than my Ninja, and its definitely got more go in it than Honda is giving me from the factory. Do you know much about where the restrictions in these lie and how id go about removing them?

  71. Mark Howells
    Mark Howells at |

    Hi mate I have a Kawasaki j125 limited edition abs and would like to gain a bit more power I have a arrow exhaust full system on it already it’s a 66plate and done 3000 miles what can I do to my bike to get more power out of it without do I g damage to the engine

  72. LyndonX
    LyndonX at |

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    1. Wylie
      Wylie at |

      Does anyone know what restrictions there are on a Yamaha YN 50 E Neos ?

  73. Chris Altizio
    Chris Altizio at |

    Daniel, I have a new Italkit 70cc cylinder kit for a Aprilia Morini engine. I just finished re-porting the cylinder for a bit more hp. I tried fitting the old Aprilia thermostat into the Italkit cylinder head and it fit, but when I tried to put it together I noticed that the thermostat is too long to fit into the cylinder and let the head seal to the cylinder. Could I run the scooter without a thermostat or would you not recomend doing that.


  74. skrrt
    skrrt at |

    hello gajs

  75. Dyllll
    Dyllll at |

    Hey i have a Dongfang 50cc SST (DF50SST), Its restricted and only goes a max of 31 mph after 15sec of full throttle. And after some research i thought a derestricted cdi would help so i bought one, installed, and no change. What other ways do Chinese manufactures do to restrict RPM and performace. Thanks in advance.

  76. Ben
    Ben at |

    What’s the best 50cc moped to derestrict for acceleration and top speed thanks

  77. MarisolJuicy
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  79. Megan
    Megan at |

    Hey Daniel,
    Do you have any ideas/tips on how to derestrict a 2016 Lance Cabo 50?


  80. John
    John at |

    Hey Daniel,

    I hope you are doing well.

    I have Peugeot Speedfight 3 2012 plate, and it does not run over 30-32MPH and it extremely irritating because when within the limit I want to go faster.

    Do you have any tips for me on how to derestrict it and/or improve performance.

    Many thanks D,

    All the best,

  81. Jamari
    Jamari at |

    I have a 4 stroke 50cc ice bear rocket. My question is my bike seems like it loses power or acceleration. My highest was 45 and that was down hill. But it goes 35 mostly and less often it hits 40. The problem I’m having when I crank it up and rev it up fast it cuts off and I idle it and it still doing it. Do anybody know if that bike is restricted if so how can I disable it so I can get the top speed

  82. Mark
    Mark at |

    Hello Daniel, I have a 2008 yamaha yq50 2st what are the best checks to see if this has been de-restricted it will do about 38 on the flat and just a touch over 40 down hill , I used to own a 2003 Gilera runner 2003 50cc and this did 50mph (on the speedo) just on the flat. Thanks


  83. Rogel Rara
    Rogel Rara at |

    How to de-restrict a TGB Tapo 50

  84. Rogel Rara
    Rogel Rara at |

    How about TGB Tapo 50, what/where are the restrictions?

  85. How Fast Is 50cc and 125cc?  - Monimoto US

    […] mph). Complicating the issue further still are derestrictions and modifications. Many riders will derestrict their 50cc motorbikes and install performance parts to increase their top speeds. This is why statements about higher top […]

  86. John Johnny
    John Johnny at |

    Hi, I live in Spain and my 50cc scooter has just failed its test because it goes too fast :))
    There doesn’t seem to be a single article to tell me how to restrict it. It currently does 87kmh but it can only do 62kmh max to pass the test. I don’t have the money to pay a workshop so would appreciate a little advice. Many thanks!

    1. E.Ensor
      E.Ensor at |

      just read the article and reverse engineer the restrictions. it is very easy to slow a machine down. many ways to do that. lol in all seriousness, though, best of luck at you next inspection. you seem like a smart guy and i have faith in you!

  87. SCUTERE | Pearltrees
    SCUTERE | Pearltrees at |

    […] RicambiMoto2000.it – Ricambi e accessori per scooter e moto. Windscherm Origineel Hoog Aprilia SR Motard 50 / Piaggio Typhoon II 50 2018 Origineel 1B005934 (+ Montageset) Accessori: PARABREZZA CON ATTACCHI GIVI PER PIAGGIO TYPHOON 50 125 2011 2012 – 288A + A5602A. Parabrezza Givi 288A + A5602A Piaggio Typhoon 50-125 (11-14) moto. Abbigliamento, Caschi e Accessori Moto. Cart. Continutul cosului. Shopping Cart. Archivi Products – Biondi Accessori. Continutul cosului. How to derestrict a 50cc Scooter – TuningMatters.com. […]

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