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  1. Jason
    Jason at |

    I can’t find any information specific to my big chief 49cc scooter. Are you familiar with them?

    1. Eden
      Eden at |

      I have a 2018 aerox 4 stroke 50cc and cannot find a way around the restricted cdi unit,does anyone know of ways around it or aftermarket cdis for this model?

      1. Lukas Mikosch
        Lukas Mikosch at |

        Have you found anything to derestrict the scooter?

      2. BrokenBiker
        BrokenBiker at |

        The Aerox has a physical restrictor in the form of a washer in the front pulley which stop the two sides closing together and increasing the radius of the pulley. If you remove this washer (plenty of guides on the internet) the variator can close up, form a larger pulley and have better gearing for speed when the engine output is at higher revs.

        There’s potentially also restriction in the exhaust – if you’re not willing to chop and weld it yourself then you should look for a used “tuning” exhaust as a shop will charge more than a second hand part is worth to complete the work.

  2. Joaquin
    Joaquin at |

    Hi daniel, first and most thank for all the information given, very helpful.
    I just bought a honda nsc50r similar to the vision model. It is a 50cc 4t and it is CDI Restrited !!! A nightmare!!!! The CDI is a black box with 33 pins and i have expended sooooo much time trying to get a derestricted one online but there is nothing out there!!! I am quite desperate about it it is so unsafe 28mph!!!! I am hoping that you know some website where they sell this.

    Thanks a lot!!

    1. tad
      tad at |

      Hi I had a eureka moment with same ped Honda nsc 50. Fit the nsc 110 cdi instead it has same fitting type and takes 5mins .It is still rev limited but not as much and has more umph combine with malossi variator for easy 50mph.

      1. Stewart
        Stewart at |

        Where is the cdi located on the nsc50?

      2. km
        km at |

        Hello tad,

        Are you sure for the nsc 110 cdi instead the nsc 50 cdi ? This solution is really works ? Do you have tested it ?

        Thanks very much for your answer !

        Sorry for my very bad English ?

      3. Liam
        Liam at |

        Hi I have the nsc50 with Mallossi variator.i am getting 60 km on flat..I haven’t changed cdi yet but like to know if you can advise me to which cdi and what sort of results.

    2. Sean
      Sean at |

      Nsc 110 cdi fits and mallosi variator

  3. steve
    steve at |

    Ive hired a pcx 125 in Thailand and it never goes above 98kph uphill or downhill

    the power stops everytime until it goes below 98 or bounces around if the throttle is kept open – because there’s no variation in when this happens it seems like its been restricted in some way

  4. Dave
    Dave at |

    Hi Daniel I have a peugeot kisbee 50cc 2013 plate the blue wire on cdi unit as been pulled apart and I’ve been told to cut or pull out pink wire near battery is this correct …Please help ??
    Thank you

  5. reggie simmons
    reggie simmons at |

    Hi all i got a honda x8r on a 02 plate. Im after a derestrited cdi or someone who can derestrict them. Not paying silly mallossi price there has to be a cheaper alternative

  6. karll
    karll at |

    Is the honda fes pantheon 125cc,2006 restricted

  7. karll
    karll at |

    Is the honda fes restricted in any other way. And thanks daniel

  8. Martin
    Martin at |

    Is there any difference between Yamaha’s 2st and 4st cdi units? I wanna do a proper order and get an unrestricted cdi unit for my 2015 aerox 4st. I asked racing planet but I didn’t get any response. Help, please:) Thanks!

  9. Miles
    Miles at |

    So I have a 2014 ice bear 50cc trike. I have replaced some parts with aftermarket in hopes of reaching a decent speed. So far it includes : air filter, rejetted carb, plug wire, and a racing cdi box. For some reason I STILL don’t gain any speed going down hill. Is there another restriction that can cause this besides the box? My next hope is the variator ring but I haven’t gained any speed. Just boosted acceleration

    1. andrew smith
      andrew smith at |

      what about the exhaust ,it might have a washer restricting it

  10. Madmax
    Madmax at |

    I have Peugeot Django Sport 50cc 4T scooter and we try to find solution to
    unrestricted it.
    We didn’t find any restrictors from the variator etc.
    So CDI is restricted.
    Our django CDI box is 6pin + extra wiring for variator. Cdi have number QP5-45 D50-LK39 5A1
    Can you help us in this case, where to find unrestricted cdi or is it same with some other model?

    1. Alex
      Alex at |

      Hi Madmax, did you find a solution? I have the same “issue”… Thanks

  11. Adam
    Adam at |

    Thank you for posting a good article about the subject nevertheless I’m still stuck with my problem. Maybe someone fro you guys know the solution for my scooter. It is SYM Mio 50cc 2008 4 stroke carburetor I believe it has restricted cdi for sure I just can;t find replacement. Planet racing offers original restricted cdi and not any unrestricted. I know it is possible to take unrestricted chineese cdi and somehow swap the wireing but I have no idea which and how. I kindly thank you for any help in advance.

  12. Sam
    Sam at |

    I have a aerox 4st 2015. Do you know what i can do to make IT faster?

  13. Vine
    Vine at |

    I can’t find unresrticted CDI for Sym Symphony ST 50 4T year 2015, engine xs1p37qma-2.

  14. Lawrence Co
    Lawrence Co at |

    Does anyone have a cdi for honda ruckus.

  15. Jeremy
    Jeremy at |

    Hey, im looking to get an unrestricted CDI for my 2012 yamaha BWs (or Zuma) but im not sure which one is appropriate for my scooter, all I’ve found is that a GY6 one would possibly work. Is that right? Thanks!

  16. David wilkes
    David wilkes at |

    I have a kymco agility 50 if I purchased unrestricted dci would this alone make it quicker

  17. Clayton Seneca
    Clayton Seneca at |

    Hi Daniel, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I just bought a Lance (Sym) Cali Classic 50. What is your suggestion for derestriction setup? Which CDI, etc. should I purchase?

  18. Igor
    Igor at |

    Hi, I have agility CITY 50 2t…does anyone know if the CDI is restricted and if it is how to derestrict it… Thanks…

  19. david corley
    david corley at |

    could someone tell us please how to derestrict a yamaski 50 geared bike 2016 model

  20. Martin
    Martin at |

    Hi how to know if the cylinder connection is inclinedor stright?

  21. Anthony
    Anthony at |

    Hi I have a 2015 Tao Tao Thunder 50cc Scooter and I was watching a video on how to derestrict an older model to make it go faster. Well I followed the instructions in the video and when i opened the battery area there is No pink wire on the CDI. I just need to know did they change the color or is mine not restricted.

  22. lindsey
    lindsey at |

    HI my son has a lexmoto echo 50cc, we bought a derestricted cdi and fitted it and the ped started once and then would fire at all, have we done something wrong or missed something.

    1. Tyler
      Tyler at |

      For the lexi, I have one as well. The best thing to do is look up on eBay Chinese scooter CDI units and find a 2+4 pin one. Also put a sports exhaust on it as well here’s a link to one that fits: https://www.chinesemotorcyclepartsonline.co.uk/partno_SPRTEX006

      1. Tyler
        Tyler at |

        Mine even runs on a old 150cc Chinese cdi

  23. Mark Timony
    Mark Timony at |

    I have a 2001 & 2003 vespa ET- 4.(150cc’s). What do I need to bypass them? My scooter shop thinks they are rpm restricted by a computer. This sounds like your description of the CDI type. Is this correct? If so, what other modifications are needed? (fuel to air mixtures)?

    Thanks so much!
    Mark Timony
    843 754 6656

  24. Barry Martin
    Barry Martin at |

    Hello I have a 2012 Piaggio Fly 50cc 4v that I am trying to purchase a derestricted cdi for. Any help? Thank You

    Barry Martin

    1. andrew
      andrew at |

      did you have any luck im trying to do the same thing

  25. Nikolas
    Nikolas at |

    Good evening Hi I have the 50cc MIO have improved cylinder 63 CC – Bill 9 grams. and goes 65 km, bought from the planet CDI struggle and worse …. you suggest me something;
    and when the throttle cut or feeders……..please answer would go crazy….sorry for my English

  26. Nikolas
    Nikolas at |

    Good evening ….
    Hi I have the 50cc MIO have improved cylinder 63 CC – Bill 9 grams. and goes 65 km, bought from the planet CDI struggle and worse …. you suggest me something;
    and when the throttle cut or feeders……..please answer would go crazy….sorry for my English…. :(

  27. Louis
    Louis at |

    I have a kymco agility 50 cc..
    I heard it’s a matter of cutting the cdi at a particular location and that will do it.
    Whats your opinion?

  28. Lukas
    Lukas at |

    Hi guys,

    Can anyone give me a link where i could but derestriced cdi unit for my honda nsc50r, please?


  29. Lukas
    Lukas at |

    I have chanted the variator in my nsc50r and that helped a little bit with soeed i was thinking if changing the clutch to malossi would help too? Does anybody know which derestricted cdi unit fits honds nsc50r?


  30. Tiny
    Tiny at |

    Nice write up Mate. My 150cc(2013 KYMCO Movie) Scooter has a restricted CDI. S you stated above I noticed this as I was headed down a steep hill and it would not rev nor accelerate past 9200RPM/105KPH. The only problem I’m having is trying to find a CDI to replace it.
    Again nice write up.

  31. Jason
    Jason at |

    Hello New here was surfing when I caught ur site .and it’s nice to see u helping so here we go I own 2014 taotao or Also known asVIP 50cc got good acc and take off but lose power and speed going uphill and not cdi restricted.got any advice

  32. Lukas
    Lukas at |

    Thanks Daniel,
    Im from Poland but currently luve in the uk. Could you help me find right cdi? Thanks

  33. Alex Lanefelt
    Alex Lanefelt at |

    Hi, do you know of is there is a cdi for peugeot django 4 stroke? Currently limited to 45km/h. Thanks

  34. Tim Tibbals
    Tim Tibbals at |

    Nice information Daniel. I just purchased a 2017 Zuma 50F, and it is clearly CDI limited. But I only see a Zuma 50 and Zuma II 50 in the list of supported models. This is true at Racing-Planet as well. Will one of these be compatible with the 50F? Thanks,

  35. George
    George at |

    Hi, ive read your articles and suggestions for making 50cc scoots go faster, but any advice for a all stock tgb tapo to go faster? The CDI, exhaust, air filters, carb jettings, etc. Willing to buy mod parts if necessary for reasonable price. Thank you in advance more power.

  36. Liam
    Liam at |

    I believe mine is a Huatian-HT50QT-29A. It isn’t explicitly listed but would the Kymo/GY6 be the correct choice?

  37. Anders Alm
    Anders Alm at |

    Hi not-so-happy owner of a Peugeot Django 50cc 4T scooter and I am looking for an unrestricted CDI box. Would you know where to find one? Or do you have other tuning tips for this model?

  38. mike
    mike at |

    What about the Venture Scooter it is a 50cc made by Genuine. I max out at 35 Mph. Any help de-restricing this brand\.

  39. mike
    mike at |

    What about the Venture Scooter it is a 50cc made by Genuine. I max out at 35 Mph. Any help de-restricing this brand\.

    Thank you.

  40. Mahir Coric
    Mahir Coric at |

    Hi huys!

    Does a Yamaha Aeorox 2009 model. It goes 75 km/t just with I removed plumb in exhaust. What other things can i remove or change to get more power and speed?

    -CDI is restricted and if it is how to derestrict it…
    -And other tips is welcome:)) Thanks

    1. Tyler
      Tyler at |

      But a new CDI unit off eBay. Look at your CDI and find one with the same connector and simply put it in. Make sure to keep the old CDI just incase the new one doesn’t work for some reason. Another thing you can do is up jet the carb. If you really want you could get a bore kit put on it as well

    CHARLSTON at |

    Daniel. It is amazing to find someone with so much knowledge.
    Appreciation from all the people I have read you have helped already.
    I have a conundrum ped. It is a SYM Allo 50 and I can not find any info on it at all not even decent parts sites. I have just replaced the front indicators with aftermarket because I could not get original!

    So I really need to get it over 27ish MPH it is dangerous with nothing to give me on speed. Please help me with what to do “how to do it” I am pretty good with a spanner so what can I do? CDI, Variator, Carb?

    I can not find anything specific to my model.

    Chhers C

  42. chrissyboy
    chrissyboy at |

    hi Daniel great post mate , im looking to make my peugeot vivacity 3 50cc faster ,things done so far ,have sports exhaust removed the cone ,race clutch and rejetted carb to a 70, bike is still very slow, im now thinking that the cdi is restricted ,looked on web can only see cdi1s for up to 2008 mine is 2009 ,,read about removing a wire to cdi bottom left as you hold cdi in hand but not to sure I want to go down that road .the 2003 vivacity I had was not restricted only a variator washer . oh I have removed the restrictor plate on variator on my current bike ,any tips on how I can make my bike faster . regards chrissyboy

  43. chrissyboy
    chrissyboy at |

    just looked at my cdi and it has little needle like pins ,the cdi1s I have seen have much larger pins ,where can I get a cdi that has the little needle pins

  44. Riaan Pretorius
    Riaan Pretorius at |

    Halo i have a 125 symphony scooter but it feels like it is very slow. What can be the problem. Please help me

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    86Connor at |

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  46. Daren sturgeon
    Daren sturgeon at |

    I have a sinnis prime 49cc and I want it deristricted ! I spoke to sinnis and they said need I need to replace the cdi unit with a matrix 2 125 cc cdi unit as they do not do a derestricted 49cc one . Does this sound correct ?

  47. tom fitzpatrick
    tom fitzpatrick at |

    hi i have a sf50 racing is it restricted and where can i get non restricted gdi for it

  48. art runge
    art runge at |

    I own a Schwinn graduate 50cc scooter. I purchased a racing cdi and I’m still not getting over 30mph. How can I tell if this new cdi has a rev limiter? I’ve added a better/hotter coil, hotter plug, removed stock air box and added a cone air filter and it’s still slow. Help!!!! (If you can)

  49. zippyBOI
    zippyBOI at |

    i have a taotao powermax 150, and i was made aware that it was only supposed to go about 55 to 60. however, my cdi box was modified to where the speed restrictor cable was cut, no other mods than that that ive seen after a year of riding it, and it now goes somewhere between 70 and 80. i can easily pass cars that are going at least 50, and recently ive gotten a bit more brave and found out that it can power wheelie about an inch. so i dont know if the cdi was restricted before, or if the world has lied to me about how fast 150s go lol

  50. Wayne
    Wayne at |

    Hi Daniel

    I recently purchased an electric motorcycle which, as far as I know, was setup and or made in Canada and is restricted to about 18mph, is there a way to make this electric motorcycle go a bit faster? I have an electric bike too and this goes about 26mph.

  51. Rahul Rema
    Rahul Rema at |

    A great piece of information. I think this is what I was exactly looking for. All tips in a single click. I would definitely try to follow these suggestions. I really enjoyed this post and I hope you will keep posting this kind of post in future.

  52. Mohammadreza Aghakhani
    Mohammadreza Aghakhani at |

    I have a Honda ruckus 50cc & i’m Living in Iran .i have bought a CDI box with 6pin for my scooter & I want to connect it but I don’t have the wiring & diagram of wiring .may you help me pls. Thanks

  53. Ste
    Ste at |

    I have a lexmoto titan 125 4 stroke efi can i fit a racing cdi to it. It has not got 1 it has a ecu


    Daniel. I have put in a 63cc kit, derestricted the variator, and put in a no rev limit CDI and the Havana Classic will still only go 40ish. What else can be done besides letting more air in thru the airbox, etc? I have been told to put a bigger gear in there too. What gear should be installed in a 2014 Havana Classic? Thanks!

  55. DocSandy
    DocSandy at |

    I just purchased a 2019 Lance Cabo 50cc moped and can’t get it past 35mph. I have tried two new cdi units. One blew a fuse and the other “popped” and smoked. Thus the engine wouldn’t start. Why won’t it work to derestrict the engine?

  56. Nils
    Nils at |

    Hi Daniel,
    I have a Peugeot Speedfight 4 (AC) 4T-18 and want to change my CDI box to one no limit cdi box but i cant find it. I have take away my seat and look under it but i cant find it.
    Do you now where to find it?

  57. Morten Klaestad
    Morten Klaestad at |

    i have a peugeot Speedfight 4 4T .
    Can i by a new cdi box of you ?
    With no restrictions

  58. Mario
    Mario at |

    hi there

    I am in a possesion of CPI popcorn, what kind of CDI can You offer me to run itmore than 50 km/h



  59. Archer
    Archer at |

    Hi Daniel.
    I have a Peugeot django 50cc two stroke could you please advise me about the CDI box to derestrict it.
    Regards Archer.

  60. Archer Browne
    Archer Browne at |

    Hi Daniel.
    I have a Peugeot django 50cc two stroke could you please advise me about the CDI box to derestrict it.
    Regards Archer.

  61. scott pagram
    scott pagram at |

    Comment: HI Daniel,
    Looks like your the only guy I have found that makes sense in the world of unrestricting 50cc.
    Please HELP, I purchased a new 2018 vespa primavera 4 stroke and the dealer did not think it was a problem to manually derestrict and now I have the scooter they don’t want to know about it or me!!
    Anyway is there any intel you have that I can use to get my local bike mechanic to do it myself? I can see heaps of cdi units on the web but would not know where to start?
    kind regards



  63. Pete
    Pete at |

    Hi I’ve got a longjia 50qt-k on the exhaust it has a little box that has a pipe from it going to the air box any idea what that is for ? Does it restrict by not getting back pressure cause it’s taking air in ? Also the cdi has 5 pins all the after market seem to have 6 and the wires are different colours so not sure how to wire up if you could help at all thanks Pete Uk

  64. jo
    jo at |

    hi is it possible and how do you derestrict a ajs jsm 50 cc motorbike please

  65. Teo Jerković
    Teo Jerković at |


    I have new SYM, Symphony ST (2019) 50cc, 4stoke, EURO4.
    I want to upgrade it to unblocked CDI. Do you have any suggetions which one to buy and where?

    1. Ville
      Ville at |

      I have a same thing with SYM Mask/Orbit 3 2019 with EURO4 restrictions. So I assume this is a CDI restriction. But I am having trouble finding the proper unrestricted CDI to replace the original.
      Any ideas anyone?

  66. james n. lassila
    james n. lassila at |

    would this nakaru unrestricted cdi work on my 2018 kymko agility 50? as i tried putting a unrestricted cdi on my 2012 kymko agility 50 but all it did was made it extremely hard 2 start , thank your for your time

  67. chris
    chris at |

    hi. I have a kymco super 8 125.my old cdi went off and I bought an oem one.The new one doesn’t let the engine rev,and at the top speed of 60 km I get something like a rev limiter from the exhaust,like something is cutting the power to the spark plug

  68. Graeme Morrison
    Graeme Morrison at |

    Got a 2018 Lexmoto ZSX-R 125 EFI anyone out know of a remapped ECU for this model in a way to get rid of or bypass the flat spot at 8000 rpm

  69. KEN HALL
    KEN HALL at |

    Hi Buddy,
    I am currently tinkering around with my soon to be 16 year old sons moped, its a Peugeot zenith ls sport, 1998 and wondered if you can tell me if it has a cdi restriction ?
    I have taken care of the exhaust, air filter etc, got new reeds, high output coil and some other bits but would be usefull to know.
    I live on an island and there are no hills !


  70. Kaleb hepworth
    Kaleb hepworth at |

    I have a honda lead 06 model 100 cc 4 stroke and thats restricted to 80

  71. David
    David at |

    No doubt that is great writing, I have gone through entirely and each word, it a great writing skill. Sometimes I was thinking to get over, but due to a heavy working schedule, I can not.

    By the way, this has broadened my knowledge. Thanks for sharing.

  72. Steve
    Steve at |

    Hi Daniel…

    will a CDI restrictor work on a 2015 scomadi tl50,, is it definitely an AC unit…


  73. Chris
    Chris at |

    Hello good afternoon. I have a Niu N sport 2020 Scooter and it can only go 50cc. I wanted to know if there is a way to derestrict the speed limit. I checked your site for a manual however the link provided came back in error.

    Thanks again in advance.

  74. Geoff senior
    Geoff senior at |

    Hi please help I have a 2003 kymco yup 50 2 stroke I want it to go more than 28 mph. The present cdi unit is black with 2 green plugs larger plug apears to have 4 wires and the smaller plug has 2 wires one of which is green. Can you assist me in getting a deristricted cdi as I am at my wits end and am sick of being misled by certain companies.
    Kindest regards

  75. frodo
    frodo at |

    i have a 2000 Suzuki UX50 Zillion and its restricted (it wont go past 47km/h)
    the aiurbox is not a restriction because there is a sport filter installed
    any tips on where could be a restriction on that bike?

  76. Shohag
    Shohag at |

    Wow, I got a piece of surprising information through this article. With just one click anyone can easily get their required information from here, which I found. I hope that in the future more such posts will be provided by the respected author sir which will benefit many people.


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