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  1. jamie
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  2. Riderwww
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    Hi daniel, i had a Shitty spark plug on my polini Sport, equivalent with the NGK B9ES, the color of the spark plug was chocolate brown.
    Now, ive got a NGK BR9EIX iridium spark plug, and looks like it’s running too lean… WTF?

    Btw, the iridium spark plug will ensure better performance than standard spark plugs? More hp , more torque? Or just no difference?


  3. Riderwwwwwwwwwww
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    I ride the new spark for 5kms and now its chocolate brown, how good it is?

  4. ryou
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    Hey Dan!
    I was wondering if i change my air filter with K&N Cone with its Cotton based filter, will it make my engine too lean?

  5. Mahar183
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    Hello Daniel , I have a Piaggio typhoon air cooled ,183 highly modified with pm Tuning expansion chamber 55mm crank , 34mm carb rd 350 reed valve , horse power ignition kit ,cylinder has also been heavily modified, ….. Setting the engine up !! I used the guide from your previous post about carb main jet settings , 34×5=170 … Still feels flat needle setting on the top clip , idle is also rich 50 pilot … My 1st thought is the main jet being rich is causing low end issues do you have a guide to doing idle jet aswell , I’ve turned the mixture screw all the way in and engine is still on does this mean main jet is too big or am I wrong

    Also I got a guide with the carb when I bought it and the settings they have give are

    42 slow jet
    142 main jet
    Jet needle setting 3
    The carb is a pwk34mm flatslide power jet but I’ve blocked it off

  6. Justin Berry
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    I found this article looking through search of spark plug conditions. I don’t have a scooter I have a 8 cylinder truck and you are the only one I could understand in determining my plugs. Mine, by your description, were running lean. Anyway thanks for the article.

  7. Shaun Roberts
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    you got your spark plug reading all wrong. please review. lean is optimal. vice versa.

    1. Timothy Seward
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      Yeah dude your picture is wrong…. your lean plug is supposed to be optimal.. optimal is brown not white.. you are going to be responsible for blowing up peoples top ends you dick

  8. Laurence
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    Pretty sure your plug labels are incorrect; the rich one is right but the lean and optimal should be swapped round… a lean mixture increases the heat of combustion and tends to glaze the ceramic of the spark plug and burn off any deposits that may have accumulated, leading to the very white, clean insulator on the right of the picture. The left plug looks to be optimal with a grey brown colour from the light deposits of a correctly adjusted mixture.

  9. murray
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    yup pictures are the wrong way around,anything looking white is lean or hot,hopefully not too many people go by the pics

  10. John Hodges
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    Hey Timothy Seward
    Anyone can make a mistake so don’t be so objectionable by call the author a DICK.
    He shares his knowledge to us free of charge. Ok sometimes he gets it wrong but don’t be such a “plonker” about it. Suggest you shove your head back up your arse where it belongs.

  11. John
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    Hi just a quick one? My scooter is running to leaning running it on a 24mm carb 108 main jet it’s fine on tickover but when I take it for a run it looses power top end I’ve put a 150cc big bore on it any suggestions where I’m going wrong?


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