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  1. oli
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    how did the Technigas triops preform in the test?

  2. Ryan Billington
    Ryan Billington at |

    May I pick your brains please. I’ve got a Gilera DNA 50. Since I bought it ( I was told it was still restricted ( it wasn’t ) The washers behind the roller drum had been removed. I replaced the rollers with 6 gm ones, belt fine. Carb cleaned and a 60 main jet fitted. Acceleration fine, but top end is just 35mph ! Compression fine. I bought today, the Tecnigas Q Tre, removed the header pipe restrictor and the huge wad of fibre glass, and it went slower !!! Replaced huge wad of fibre glass, no different. Took a look at the standard exhaust that came with the bike, it still had the header pipe restrictor in…
    Removed that, put it back on the bike, runs quicker, but still tops out at 35mph…………
    No idea what the problem is, Reed Valves ? Demonic Possession ?
    Any idea ?


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