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  1. Selchuk
    Selchuk at |

    Will the stock crankshaft be killed from high rpm with Stage 6 Pro Mk2, Stage 6 R1200,21mm carb,Sport vario+clutch ?

  2. Darikas
    Darikas at |

    I bought Aerox and I don’t know what setup I should install. I prefer Stage6 Sport Pro MKII and don’t know what others parts should I get. I hope you will help me.

  3. Kart Peev
    Kart Peev at |

    Hey can you help to mee with streetrace setup? I have about 500-600 euro budget

  4. ivan
    ivan at |

    Hi im prefer mk 2 racing (aerox ) , i think the combination with 21 mm and yasuni c16 is good ?

  5. João Santos
    João Santos at |

    Hello, what gains would i see if i used this setup!

    S6 Racing Mk2
    S6 HPC 12 mm(already bought, so cant change!)
    S6 Pro Replica Exhaust (already bought, so cant change!)
    Mvt Millenium

    How many hp’s should i see?

    Thanks in advance

  6. João Santos
    João Santos at |

    Carb – Dellorto PHBL 24 BS! forgot to say!

  7. Paul
    Paul at |

    Hi Daniel,

    I`m also looking forward to purchase the Sport pro MK2 together with a Polini CP 19mm carb for my Peugeot Jetforce. Allready have a Malossi Multivar installed.
    In regards to the exhaust system, everyone is mostly reffering to the C16 and the R1200, but what about the Doppler RR7 ? Do you have any information about the results in combination with the MK2 ?

    Thanks in advance !

  8. João Santos
    João Santos at |

    Thanks for the fast answer ill get the sport pro then!

    Thank you!

  9. João
    João at |

    Hey daniel!

    One more thing, if I buy the Racing MK2 anyways, can i get bad reliability issues?

    With the Pro replica Exhaust?

    Or the only bad thing is that ill only get the 12 hp like the sport pro?

    I do 30 miles Trips, 35-40 mph ! Would the racing keep it?

    Because I’m thinking , if i sell the muffler some day and buy a r1200-1400, i already had the racing cylinder… So i’d get more performance-!

    Hope you can understand what i writted!

    Thanks in advance

  10. Paul
    Paul at |

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks a lot ! Then i`m not going to take the risk to buy the RR7 as indeed the price is quit high when the quality is quit low compared to others.

    However, what is a good alternative to the Stage6 Pro with an approximately equal power output ?
    I have Peugeot Jetforce and the S6 Pro is not available for horizontal engines, only the Replica. Also the C16 /20 / 30 nor the R1200 / 1400 are availlable for my scoot.

    Maybe a Technigas RS2 or the Yasuni R ?

  11. Andrejs Cernajevs
    Andrejs Cernajevs at |

    Hi Daniel i can’t decide which would be better for bigger power the stage 6 racing mk 2 or the Airsal 77cc kit?

    1. Daniel Klose
      Daniel Klose at |

      I’d go with the Stage6. There’s heaps of perfectly matching exhausts available for this kit, whereas the Airsal is more of a niche product!

      1. Andrejs
        Andrejs at |

        Thanks for the quick reply! But i dont realy understand what do you mean by “niche product ” and i forgot to tell you i want to install it on my derbi senda not a scooter and there aren’t a huge amount of exhausts for derbi! So is your final answer still the same, if i am looking for GREATER power i should go with the smaller 70cc kit not the 77cc kit?

      2. Andrejs
        Andrejs at |

        Thanks for the quick reply! But i dont realy understand what do you mean by “niche product ” and i forgot to tell you i want to install it on my derbi senda not a scooter and there aren’t a huge amount of exhausts for derbi! So is your final answer still the same, if i am looking for GREATER power i should go with the smaller 70cc kit not the 77cc kit? It would be helpful to know.

  12. matu
    matu at |

    Hi daniel
    it seems like you know what youre talking about..
    French in the us.. I had a zuma 70 athena, 17.5 carb, reeds, NYC clutch variator, leo vince zxr.. and more.. was pulling hard but not screaming, scary fast.
    But it got stolen last month… sucks.. but F it.. I wanna build a new one.. screaming fast.. I have a good vespa mechanic who works on 2 strokes only, he will build what I want.
    So I need a perfect detailed horizontal minarelli set up.. from the exhaust to the rollers weight.. help me own the city w my moped..

  13. Selchuk
    Selchuk at |

    Hi Daniel , i have aerox(2009 ) with sport pro mk2,carrera 16 , 21mm motoforce , sport pro clutch(4,7gr) , mk2 torque control clutch(orange) , red central spring , and i want more max speed … What you think about 14/42 primary ones ?

  14. John tobin
    John tobin at |

    Hey Daniel, I am currently running a Yamaha Zuma with a stage6 racing MK2 (air cooled), stage6 pro exhaust , a stage6 racing 85mm crankshaft, and a stage6 racing pwk 24mm carburetor with a power valve. For around short distances I run 3, 4 gr. and 3, 5.5 gr. rollers for a total of 28.5 grams. And for long trips I run 3,5.5 gr and 3, 6.25 gr rollers for 35.25 gr.. also I am running the stage6 overdrive transmission. The bike absolutely rips, wheelies with light rollers and 70 mph plus with heavier rollers . So I guess you are wondering what am I bitching about, well I am not getting there fast enough. I am stuck on what exhaust to buy either a Stage6 R1400 or the Yasuni C30. What do you think?? I read your articles on the both exhausts. It’s hard for me, I am a huge Stage6 fan.. But, the Yasuni is pretty impressive.. Thanks for your time, John. Dead dog tuning South Florida

  15. john
    john at |

    Hey Daniel, you know I put back on the stage6 pro pipe. And boy does it vibrate is this what you mean by build quality?? The r1400 vibrated a bit too. Also, I was getting ready to order a Yasuni exhaust. It runs really good with the Pro pipe, I just don’t want to over pipe it like the R1400 seemed to do. You said C-21 what is the difference between that and a C-16. What are your thoughts on that. And the build quality as far as vibration.
    Thanks, John

  16. Allan
    Allan at |

    Hey Daniel, I was amazed the way you answered all the query in this forum and hoping that you could help me too..

    I have 2013 sr50r with stage 6 pro rep exhaust, malossi multivar 5.5gms of roller weights, malossi clutch spring (yellow), malossi contra spring (white), 62 main jet and other than that stock..

    now my question is with this set up that I already started, I was thinking what is the best 70cc kit fot my scoot, best size of carbs that suit on my stock airbox, and correct size of jettings and do I need to change the reed valve as well? thank you in advance for your advice much appreciated..

    Regards, Allan

  17. Boyd
    Boyd at |

    Hi I’m after some urgent assistance I have put a stage 6 racing mkii cylinder kit on my aerox with hpc crank stage 6 inlet track kit stage 6 r/t 24mm carb stage 6 oversized vari stage 6 clutch and I’m stuck what pipe to buy I was leaning towards a 1400?

  18. Eric
    Eric at |

    Hi Daniel,

    Could let me know your take on the following

    I am in the market for a scooter….I am not sure to either go Aprilla SR 125 or the SR50R.

    We do have a lot of open roads here and cars will hit the 100 km/h, and so I wanted to get something that can reach these speeds.

    A twigged SR50R from what I understand could reach these speed, especially if I was to upgrade to stage6Pro MK2 70cc kit adding ( The Stage6 HPC (high primary compression) crankshaft is a full-circle crankshaft) combined with a yasuni c16,c20 or c21…!!!
    With a17.5mm carb. Maybe 19mm. A bigger better sparking system.
    Let me know what would be the better component to match the rest of the modifications to upgrade the transmission.
    I like the idea of water cooled as it will maintained more even temperature.
    Thank you and I look forward to hear from you

  19. Tristan
    Tristan at |

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for all the great articles. I am at a bit of a loss here and hope you could help me. I have just built a completely new engine (crankcases the lot) with Stage 6 Racing MKII cylinder head, port matched with derestricted Yasuni C16 pipe. I currently have a Dellorto VHST 24mm carb on but the bike keeps on flooding, wet plug, chucking fuel out pipe etc. I have tried everything and now decided to just get another smaller carb, namely the Dellorto PHBG, but not sure what size would be best 19 or 21mm? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

  20. Arron
    Arron at |

    Hi I have a piaggio mc3 ac , I was wondering what size jets are recommended with the stage 6 mk2 race pro kit ?

  21. tim
    tim at |


    i hav ea gilera runner c36 with the stage 6 mk2 racing / 28mm Flat carb MVT digital deluxe ignition la furia rossa overrraange kit and a yasuni c16 now im thinkin about a new exhaust but cant decide c21 / r1200/r1400 and im still running the factory cranshaft xD ( first idea was to check to when the factory shaft gives up buuut plans have changed^^ )


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