TuningMatters 2.0

Welcome to TuningMatters.com 2.0

Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back to this site. Today I want to give back to you, with a new design and improved usability. A lot of things have happened over the last months. I quit my job, moved to Japan and opened a coffee shop and teamed up with ScooterForum.net for a proper forum (yes! :) I also got in touch with quite a few industry folks which will hopefully continue to support me with the latest news. So what’s new about TuningMatters.com

1. Design

As you can see I have moved the dated blog design towards a new magazine style. This should help you a) to find content faster and b) makes it easier to navigate through the page. It also looks quite a bit fresher and there is also the new logo which has been featured on the Facebook Page for quite a while (thanks for 5000 Likes by the way!)

2. Community

I have integrated a new community feature which should be synced with the forum soon. This means you can now Register with us and connect with other Tuners from around the site. A registration will also allow you to receive our Newsletter and access the forum.

3. Forum

After several failed attempts to launch my own forum I was about to just give up on it and continue to answer questions in the comments. However, Bas from ScooterForum.net hit me up and we decided to tag team on this and he gave me the Moderator role for his English speaking Forum. So from now on, please state your questions only within the forum and not via e-mail anymore. This will ensure that other with similar questions can be helped too!

So, what do you think about the new site? Some of the older articles might be slightly affected and there are still several bugs which I’ll have to iron out but I believe we are back on track for becoming a bigger community. Thanks to all the e-mails i received from people telling me that they really enjoy reading this site. it sure means a lot to me. Please feel free to send me further E-Mails with suggestions on how I can improve this or simply leave a comment here, or on the forum!


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  1. Merily
    Merily at |

    Cool website!
    Check and follow me and my bf’s new scooter-tuning blog :) !

  2. Stan Segers
    Stan Segers at |

    Is te site closing? Bexause there is no activity recently?


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