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  1. RennTeo
    RennTeo at |

    Since the link provided doesn´t carry the old magazines anymore, do you maybe have an alternate link or idea where I could still get them? I did buy two magazines (#3 and #5) and really enjoyed them

    1. TuningMatters.com
      TuningMatters.com at |

      The issues are indeed offline. I am not sure if they will ever come back :-/

  2. Desi
    Desi at |

    Hi Daniel,

    My current setup: Piaggio L/C: Athena HPR Racing/Stage6 Racing 70cc cyl (untuned), Dell’Orto PHBG 21mm carb, Yasuni C16 exhaust.

    What would I need to get 18+ HP out of my setup?

  3. Desi
    Desi at |

    Hi Daniel. Thanks for the reply. For me this is a street setup. Where I live there’s not a lot of choices for cylinders & scooter parts, so I got what was available at the time and cheaper than the Malossi’s & Polini’s that are sold here. The cylinder I have is this one: http://www.adrenalin-pedstop.co.uk/p-Athena_HPR_Racing_70cc_cylinder_kit_for_Gilera_Runner_Zip_SP_etc-3861.aspx
    It is supposed to be identical to the Stage6 Racing, but without the modular head.

    I will probably be flowing the engine cases in the near future. Tuning the cylinder will be harder as I think I can clean up the ports, but do not feel confident enough to change port timing and there’s really no one I know well enough and trust to do this. I may look into an exhaust like you suggest and a bigger carb. Is there a particular reason you suggest a PWK 26mm minimum (the test setup above uses a 24mm VHST)?

    P.S. I’m already saving for the Stage6 R/T kit; probably the 70cc, as I don’t want to need to adapt the crankcase to the crankshaft.

  4. Desi
    Desi at |

    What’s your guess for the max hp’s from my current setup, with and without cylinder tuning?

    From what I gathered online, there isn’t a lot of hp to gain going from a 21mm to a 24mm carb, but there is a significant increase in fuel consumption!

    And I also notice that for street setups most riders stick to the C16 because of its favorable torque-hp characteristics; other exhausts may provide more, but they do so at higher revs, which is kind of impractical for everyday street use.

    I imagine you’re referring to the S-A shop in Germany… ;)

  5. Ulrich
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