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News: Stage6 Sport Pro MKII and Stage6 Racing MKII

It took Stage6 a while to get one of the most anticipated releases out of the door but finally it happened: The Stage6 Sport Pro MKII and Stage6 Racing MKII cylinder kits are available for Minarelli and Piaggio engines. Read all about them below including Dyno test results!




Update: The Stage6 Sport Pro MKII are now available for Minarelli and Piaggio scooters at an incredibly low price in our Store. Click here for the Stage6 Sport Pro MKII Minarelli and here for the Stage6 Sport Pro MKII Piaggio. The Stage6 Racing MKII is available here for Piaggio.

Stage6 Sport Pro MKII

Stage6 Sport Pro MKII

Everyone who wants to get into scooter tuning and buys his first cylinder kit this is no doubt what I would recommend to get. An all aluminium street to mid-race cylinder kit at a very affordable price and with a perfect spare part availability. This kit gives you everything you would expect from an aluminium cylinder and it is not too hard to setup. If you want to get more out of your setup in the future it still has the reserves for porting and even stock runs great with higher revenue exhausts like the R1200 by Stage6.

At a price of 145€ for the LC version and 117€ for the air cooled model this is a steal. Ride this with a Stage6 Pro exhaust and a 17.5mm carburator for an instant 12hp or go hard with a R1200 and up to 21mm for an estimated 15hp.

Stage6 Sport Pro MKII vs. MKI








Stage6 Racing MKII

Stage6 Racing MKII

If you want to be real fast and have already gathered some experience in scooter tuning this cylinder allows for 21hp when porting it to the max. The T-shaped exhaust port is revenue oriented by default but allows for maximum horse power when modified correctly. Due to the low price and and the amount of available spare parts the old version of this cylinder was probably one of the best selling cylinder kits ever sold. The new version improved the performance and will no doubt again be a best seller.

Priced at 187€ for the LC and 155€ for the air cooled version this cylinder kit is considerably cheaper than the Malossi and Polini kits. Ride this with a Stage6 R1200 exhaust and a 21mm carburator for an instant 15-16hp boost. In combination with an R1400 or Yasuni C21 and a 24mm+ PWK you will exceed the 18hp.

Stage6 Racing MKII vs. MKI






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  1. Selchuk

    Will the stock crankshaft be killed from high rpm with Stage 6 Pro Mk2, Stage 6 R1200,21mm carb,Sport vario+clutch ?

    1. Daniel

      The Piaggio cranks are a bit stronger than the Minarelli ones. Still, I’d suggest to go with a racing crankshaft, especially since you have the chance then to flow the engine case and adjust the boost ports to match the cylinder!

  2. Darikas

    I bought Aerox and I don’t know what setup I should install. I prefer Stage6 Sport Pro MKII and don’t know what others parts should I get. I hope you will help me.

    1. Daniel

      Sport Pro MK2 is a great cylinder! I recommend to get the Stage6 Pro exhaust (not replica) or a Yasuni C16. All of them work amazing on this kit. The C16 has a bit better quality than the Stage6 but is also more expensive. For carburetor it is sufficient to get a 17.5mm or 19mm Dellorto (or copy). Bigger PWK carbs use a LOT of petrol, so better go with the smaller dellorto’s if you want to ride the scooter on a daily basis.
      Make sure to get an unrestricted intake manifold with the carburator. If you have some extra cash get some better intake membrane valve. Some standard sport one is good enough.
      For transmission you should consider going a bit longer. The Stage6 kits come prepressed and are plug and play. Also the Stage6 variator and clutch are good and easy to install.
      All in all this should give you about 15hp and 100km\h++!


  3. Kart Peev

    Hey can you help to mee with streetrace setup? I have about 500-600 euro budget

    1. Daniel

      Hi, Yes, sure. What were you thinking about getting? Maybe it’s best if you post to the forum. This way it’s easier to discuss!

  4. ivan

    Hi im prefer mk 2 racing (aerox ) , i think the combination with 21 mm and yasuni c16 is good ?

  5. João Santos

    Hello, what gains would i see if i used this setup!

    S6 Racing Mk2
    S6 HPC 12 mm(already bought, so cant change!)
    S6 Pro Replica Exhaust (already bought, so cant change!)
    Mvt Millenium

    How many hp’s should i see?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Daniel

      The S6 Pro Replica Exhaust is made for the Stage6 StreetRace Cylinder Kit. You might get away with it on the Sport Pro MK2 Cylinder, but not the Racing. The Sport Pro exhaust, or better the R1200/R1400 are suitable exhausts for the Racing, but not the Pro Replica.
      If you really can’t change the muffler, I’d go with the Sport Pro MK2 Cylinder Kit. Given your setup you will get about 12hp at the rear wheel.
      No need for such a big carburator… 19 or 21mm is enough, everything on top won’t give you much more power, but use a lot more fuel!
      The MVT millenium is also not necessary. No power gains here, unless you go with a high end setup like the Stage6 R/T or the MHR Team cylinder kits.

      Hope this helps?


  6. João Santos

    Carb – Dellorto PHBL 24 BS! forgot to say!

  7. Paul

    Hi Daniel,

    I`m also looking forward to purchase the Sport pro MK2 together with a Polini CP 19mm carb for my Peugeot Jetforce. Allready have a Malossi Multivar installed.
    In regards to the exhaust system, everyone is mostly reffering to the C16 and the R1200, but what about the Doppler RR7 ? Do you have any information about the results in combination with the MK2 ?

    Thanks in advance !

    1. Daniel

      Hi Paul,
      I don’t have any details on the Doppler RR, however in general I am not a big fan of Doppler as the quality is relatively low given the price they charge. The ideal exhaust for the Sport Pro MK2 would be the Stage6 PRO exhaust (not replica).


  8. João Santos

    Thanks for the fast answer ill get the sport pro then!

    Thank you!

  9. João

    Hey daniel!

    One more thing, if I buy the Racing MK2 anyways, can i get bad reliability issues?

    With the Pro replica Exhaust?

    Or the only bad thing is that ill only get the 12 hp like the sport pro?

    I do 30 miles Trips, 35-40 mph ! Would the racing keep it?

    Because I’m thinking , if i sell the muffler some day and buy a r1200-1400, i already had the racing cylinder… So i’d get more performance-!

    Hope you can understand what i writted!

    Thanks in advance

    1. Daniel

      Hi Joao,
      The Racing will actually last you longer with a less revving exhaust like the Pro Replica. As the engine runs at lower rpm. No issues with durability. Make sure tho that the setup is perfect for these long trips and ensure that it doesn’t overheat (this would be the case with any tuning cylinder!). I would also recommend to install a longer transmission for these trips to lower the rpm even more…

      Hope that helps!

  10. Paul

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks a lot ! Then i`m not going to take the risk to buy the RR7 as indeed the price is quit high when the quality is quit low compared to others.

    However, what is a good alternative to the Stage6 Pro with an approximately equal power output ?
    I have Peugeot Jetforce and the S6 Pro is not available for horizontal engines, only the Replica. Also the C16 /20 / 30 nor the R1200 / 1400 are availlable for my scoot.

    Maybe a Technigas RS2 or the Yasuni R ?

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