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  1. James-scooter
    James-scooter at |

    I want to ask you that. This car is at best a few meters per second and I want to know the cylinder ports 7 and 8-port it to me. I am very interested to modify your engine with your company. Please contact us. james_iam17@hotmail.com. Thank you very much.

  2. KDV
    KDV at |


    I am very interested in your article i drive a zip sp with a dr70 tuned.
    And i would like to tune the engine more.
    But the most picture’s in your article don’t work.

  3. Hernan
    Hernan at |

    Hi awesome blog, please update the pictures!!

  4. Simon
    Simon at |

    hey Daniel.
    which is kind of sand, did you use to sandblast the Engine blok,

    fine / medium or corse ?

  5. mvm london
    mvm london at |

    Hey fantastic site you have here! i have the replica cylinder also and was wondering how much you raised the exhaust port by as looking for a bit more out of the cylinder! Im carrying out a full rebuild cases have been flowed etc.


  6. bharul
    bharul at |

    i got 2011 runner sp125 gilera
    where can i take it in london?

  7. Lange
    Lange at |

    hey . i am from suriname. i have a gilera typhoon50cc. specs; 44mm cylinder stock, sito plus, poloni evo vario 08 grams, polini patend 2g clutch, stock belt, 21 dellorto carbu. top is 85km/h. what can i do for more speed…ure advices pls..

  8. Lena
    Lena at |


    congratulations on your precision work.
    My son diassembled completely the Ciao. Do you have instructions on how to reassemble the wires ? Thank you.

  9. Piaggio zip tuning | Zudas Auto
    Piaggio zip tuning | Zudas Auto at |

    […] How to: Tune, port and rebuild a Piaggio engine to … […]

  10. Del
    Del at |

    Hi I have a piaggio typhoon 125 aircool with a 3mm stroker crankshaft , can you port that ?

  11. Harzul
    Harzul at |

    Hi bro nice article.
    Am not so clearly understand when u altered the engine Crank. May I know how thinkness of the alterations? Sp 180

  12. Anthony Collett
    Anthony Collett at |

    What is the maximum width of the swing arm engine casing with everything on bar the exhaust?
    I am building project.

  13. Telis Tast
    Telis Tast at |

    what is the carb jetting? Your piston is 47.6mm?

  14. youngHershel
    youngHershel at |

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  15. Colin
    Colin at |

    Thanks for this blog,
    just had to install a new crankshaft in a liberty 50,
    this was a great help :)

  16. Iain Bradley
    Iain Bradley at |

    Are the engine mounts on a Typhoon 125 2t the same as a 125 4t ?

  17. Amado
    Amado at |

    hi Daniel:
    I have a Piaggio zip50 4t scooter. I Live in Cuba and here is very difficult to find parts, I would like to know if there is any upgrades kits like MGH423 that fits hiPER4 engine. Almost everything available here is for GY6 engines and I’ m not sure if they can be matched. Any help on these would be really appreciated.
    I want to upgrade from 50cc to 80 or perhaps 100cc so besides valves and cylinder kits what else should I take into account?
    Sorry for my english, is not my native language.
    best regards,


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