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  1. joao
    joao at |

    boas queria uma escape de bws

    1. ze afonso
      ze afonso at |

      e escreves assim em tuga ? hahaha

  2. James Hygaard
    James Hygaard at |

    The polini cp 19mm carburetor I purchased recently for my Tomos Targa 2001 moped was so magnificent until the air brake jet got sucked through the carb somehow but lucky the reed valves saved it from going into engine. I then locked the air brake jet with the air brake screw .The jets must be wrong because my spark plug fouled and upon inspection the oil was severe. After being stranded twice and almost smashing into person behind me I have removed carburetor and put stock back. Purchased the polini to make better but still struggling with no answers. Can you help me?


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