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    […] fitro Stage6 Double Layer y con los siguientes escapes s6 r1200 top nardo polini for race Review: 70cc Mid Race Cylinder Kits – Stage6 Racing vs. Italkit Alu Modular vs. Hebo Manston R… __________________ il phantomino YO TAMBIEN QUIERO QUE EL POLLO SE PONGA EL PRO!! […]

  2. Video Monday: Best of Rallye 2011, Stage6 R/T versus Porsche, Aerox Motorforce Racing Soundcheck » TuningMatters.com

    […] Video Monday goes into motorsports. We have a great video from the German Rallye Championships showing some awesome Porsche’s, Audi’s and import going through the dirt. Then we have a Stage6 R/T fighting a Porsche Carrera on the track and last but not least an Aerox running a Motoforce Racing (but that’s just because we never show any Motoforce cylinder kits. However you should have a look at its performance here…) […]

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    Isnt the Manston Revolution a midrace cylinder? IIRC the replica is cast iron.
    By the way, is hebo still making cylinders? Cant find them as a manufacturer in scooter attack.

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    Aloha Daniel my name is Derrick and I live out here in Hawaii I just purchased a stage 6 racing m2k AC cylinder kit and a C 21 exhaust and wanted help on tuning my transmission . The scooter is a Rexy with a minarelli type motor I have an PWK polini 24 mm carb. And a stage6 oversized trans and the stage6 clutch. Waned that know what to start off on the variator weights , clutch spring color and contra spring any help would be great . BTW the scooter is a weekend terror only so I’m all about speed . Any other suggestions to help me get it in the ballpark would be great .
    Thanks Mahalo D

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    Hey Daniel it me Derrick out here in Hawaii just to let u know I am running the stock ignition system for now till I can scrape up some cash for a rotor kit . What kind of timing do I shoot for sInce I made the stock stator adjustable ?
    Thanks and Mahalo

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    Sehr schön wäre mal ein Midrace Zylinder Test, bei identischen Setup’s auf z. B. Aerox u. Speedfight 2 und zu sehen ob ein bestimmter Zylinder auf beiden Motoren den gleichen Eindruck hinterlässt, oder nicht.

    Gruss Toto


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