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  2. James-scooter
    James-scooter at |

    I want to order a cylinder stage6 sprots pro I’d like to know if you or scooters yamaha zr 2000 and shipped to Thailand? Thanks.

    1. ray
      ray at |

      i want some stage 6 complte setup about need a r1400 pipe and a mk1 mid-race cylinder where can i find them have anny trust website ?? have 28mm carb

  3. Selchuk
    Selchuk at |

    Stage 6 Sport Pro Mk2
    Stage 6 Pro – exhoust
    Malossi Multivar
    Malossi Fly Clutch
    Malossi Clutch Bell
    Malossi Belt
    21mm Stage 6 Black Edition (dellorto)
    Motoforce sport crankshaft with c4 bearings
    i think to buy these parts and put them to my Roxx:) are they good ? Can you recomend me another parts if these are not ok? thanks :) i want to take max from sport cylinder .. budget is about 700 euro:)

  4. Selchuk
    Selchuk at |

    Thanks for reply :) I have a new question about setup.
    Can i drive with this setup without crankshaft? and Can i drive without changing anything on inlet system? Thanks again

  5. Selchuk
    Selchuk at |

    Thanks very much , Daniel :) with inlet system i mean intake manifold,reed valevs reeds.. can i drive with stock parts? And can you tell me which is better for this setup airbox or sport filter ? And what is difference between 10mm crankshaft and 12 mm ? i was selected one Motoforce Racing Crankshaft with 10mm becouse it is cheaper…

    Thanks very much for answers : ) :) :)

  6. Siim
    Siim at |

    I have a DERBI GP1 Racing scooter, I am a daily rider, so I want to take max from sport cylinder!

    Setup, what I planning:

    Exhaust: LeoVince Handmade 70
    Cylinder: Malossi Sport 70cc
    Crankshaft: Malossi MHR RHQ
    Bearings: Malossi MHR
    Variator: Malossi MHR Over The Range or Malossi MHR Overrange La Furia Rossa 2013
    Reedblock: Malossi MHR VL13
    Carburetor: Malossi MHR PHBG 19 BS
    Air Filter: Malossi E14
    Clutch: Malossi Delta Clutch
    Manifold: Malossi X360

    I want to know how much power should be with this Setup (HP), the estimated top speed of about (km/h) and recomend me another parts if these are not good! NB! Money is not a problem!

    Thanks a lot! :)

  7. Siim
    Siim at |

    Excuse me for the double post but I started to think about matching together two different exhaust,


    On this exhaust I want to take pipe for Malossi MHR Racing exhaust system, but will this work and does Malossi MHR Replica 70cc suitable for everyday use!?


  8. Kietas
    Kietas at |

    What should I install to my Aerox for daily riding? What is better, malossi sport or stage 6 street race?

  9. Kietas
    Kietas at |

    What exhaust, crankshaft, carburettor, cluch, multivar should I get?

  10. Selchuk
    Selchuk at |

    Hi :) i think to buy these parts

    Stage 6 Streetrace
    Stage 6 Pro replica
    Stage 6 Pro Variator
    Stage6 Pro Clutch
    Stache6 Wingbell
    Motoforce 19mm
    Stage6 Inlet system
    ? What you think? Thanks :)

  11. Kietas
    Kietas at |

    What do you think about this setup?
    Steetrace 70
    Malossi multivar
    Sport crank
    S6 replica pro
    What should i get more for this setup?

  12. Bernard
    Bernard at |

    Hi Daniel,
    I have an almost new 2t AC zip and i want to improve on acceleration. I’m quite happy with the stock top speed but it just takes a little too long to get there. I’ve ordered an arrow chamber exhaust and am now thinking about a 70cc kit. I don’t really want to spend over 250usd. would i be better off just changing the transmission or going 70cc? Thanks heaps.

  13. Bernard
    Bernard at |

    I happened to have a pwk 24mm lying around so i also got the stage6 manifold for it. Any recommendations for what jet i should start jetting down from? 118?

  14. Okas
    Okas at |

    I installed the polini 70cc sport on my piaggio liberty and the top speed remains the same , all the other components are stock, i will recieve my exhaust+ clutch+roller weights+belt+ bigger airflow tomorrow.
    Im a little bit confused, why the top speed didnt changed? Is it because i have to put the racing exhaust+ clutch to see any difference?

  15. Okas
    Okas at |

    My scoot is derestricted, i mounter the DOPPLER S3R sport exhaust , harder clutch spring engaging at around 5000rpm + a +30% contra spring, i added 10points bigger mainjet, +carbon reed valves. it has more sprint , btw the carb is a 12m dellorto

  16. Okas
    Okas at |

    12mm dellorto*

  17. Daniel
    Daniel at |

    Hey Pro-Daniel whatsup! =)

    I think this is a very common goal for urban scooters worldwide, and will help a lot of people!

    I just got this stock Aerox 50cc 2003, previous owner know nothing about whats done etc, except all parts are “stock”. It tops about 70kph so guess some stock stuff got de-restricted.

    Reliability is the sole reason why leaving my beloved veteran moped for modern scooter in the first place.

    I would like to accomplish these things for about €300-400 ($400-$550), in order of priority, nr 1 is first priority:
    1) A reliable everyday scooter – minimal breakdowns! Increased service intervals, while still practical interval, would be ok!
    2) Without dropping top speed below 70kph, I want as good acceleration as possible, power wheelie if possible.
    3) Id like it to go ~80kph (maybe even 90, but beyond that would be wasted power rather put in acceleration and/or in beer)

    What stuff do you recommend for a budget of about €300-400? What service-intervals do you recommend for that stuff? Budget is not fixed, if you really suggest putting in another 100 for a lot better package ie bang/buck, then I will surely consider it.

  18. roberto olivares
    roberto olivares at |

    Hello i ll gonna upgrade mi street yamaha zuma 50cc 2002 and i gonna put polini evolution 70cc racing kit air cooled i like to know what exhaust i should put to get the best performance thank s!!!

  19. roberto olivares
    roberto olivares at |

    by the way i ll gonna put stage6 clutch,malossi variator, dell orto 21mm,stage6 intake!

  20. roberto olivares
    roberto olivares at |

    thank s Daniel another question how works on polini the roost pipe because some buddy r offer to me thai s again tuning matters rules!!!!!!! sorry for my english im from argentina!

  21. Randy
    Randy at |

    hello, i have a standard yamaha jog 50cc. i want to buy a 70 cc cylinder. which one is the best for daily use? malossi or stage 6 ?

  22. Randy
    Randy at |

    is the stage 6 sport pro mk2 good? and can you make a list for me what i need to buy

  23. Randy
    Randy at |

    Dear Daniel,

    I already bought the stage 6 sport pro mk2, dellorto 17.5mm carbo and the polini hi speed evo R02 variator.

    which clutch springs, clutch, and torque drive is the best for the setup?
    is the polini exhaust good for the setup?if it not I will buy the yasuni c16/r
    what is the top speed with this setup?


    1. James
      James at |

      The yasuni c16 city derestricted is a great road legal exhaust produces a lot of torque

  24. Keiran brown
    Keiran brown at |

    Hi there what bhp would I get out of this ?
    Mhr replica 70cc top end
    Mhr rhq ctankshaft
    Malossi tourque driver
    Malossi clutch
    Malossi clutch bell
    Mhr gear box cover
    Malossi 21mm carb
    Malossi inlet manifold
    Malossi drive belt
    Malossi variator
    Yasuni c16
    Pm tuning primary gear up
    Pm tuning secondary gear up

    1. James
      James at |

      You really only need one gear up kit unless you using high end track part like stage 6 rt 70cc or 95cc otherwise your bike won’t pull both gears secondary gear up is the easiest to fit

  25. James
    James at |

    Hey I am currently building a aerox using stage 6 racing mk2 cylinder and stage 6 85mm crank with 12mm gudgeon pin roughly how many miles will I get out of these parts using my bike on a daily basis

  26. Drandon
    Drandon at |

    Hey Daniel, i have a 2015 roughhouse 50. I’ve had a mechanic install a Stage6 MK2 70cc Cyl kit, 6g rollers, and a mallosi yellow contra spring. I also have a Stage6 Pro Replica Exhaust and racing paper air filter. It performs less quality than stock (even with jetting). I’m sure i’m under carb’d. I’ve purchased a Stage6 R/T Type PWK21 Carb but the stock intake is too small. Shall i get a performance intake (NCY) or back the carb down to a 17.5mm Dellarto? Thanks much.

  27. Mario
    Mario at |

    Hi Daniel !
    So i got a malossi 80cc kit, malossi 7g rollers and a giannelli extra v2 exhaust
    there’s more tuning to come. And i was wondering is a giannelli extra v2 exhaust any good for a malossi kit 80cc kit ? Oh and is the malossi 80cc kit better than the polini kit ?

  28. Riordon
    Riordon at |

    Hi Daniel..
    I saw on scooter-attack that the Stage 6 sport pro mkII can gives 15-17hp right out of the box now. Which setup can i use to give me that result?
    Reaction please….

  29. Drandon
    Drandon at |

    Daniel, so we got her all together.. Stage6 Sport Pro MK2 Cyl, Stage6 21mm PKW Carb (102 main jet), Stage 6 Pro Replica Exhaust, NCY Intake, Stock Variator with 5.5g Rollers, and a yellow Mallosi Contra Spring. Acceleration is better than stock (though would like more), and she wants to go fast (50 at 3/4 throttle). Still breaking it in. When i let off throttle from 3/4 i don’t hear that “rang-a-dang” familiar 2t sound i did at stock. Normal? Also, manual says use 98 octane or higher, really? And, i should put more oil in gas tank in addition to oil tank with pump. Thoughts? I really appreciate your time and ideas. Thanks Daniel.

  30. Trav
    Trav at |

    Hey Daniel,

    Been trolling here for a while, I love your passion man, you’re a machine.
    I’m reasonably new to scoot tuning myself but I’m been on the spanners over a lot of other vehicles.
    I’m looking to build a drag scoot capable of 8.* sec 1/8 miles to run in a local meet. We have no scooter workshops out here or scooter racing for that matter. It’s hard to find any solid info online but I’m summising I’ll need around the 20hp mark with a well tuned transmission. Unfortunately for you I have several stupid questions. I currently have an aerox 50cc.
    I’m trying my hand porting some stock 50cc cylinders. Would you recommend a responsive cylinder to mild porting such as raising and widening exhaust ports, cleaning up transfers, port matching and adding material to the crankcase to match the previous volume? I was thinking a DR performance or Top Performance Due Plus for my goals? I am obviously measuring port timings carefully to make sure I don;t go too far.
    I’m thinking I will need around 15,000rpm to comfortably achieve my goal on a 70cc and if so will need a crank. Obviously there are many options, but I was looking at a Jasil Evolution for a cost effective solution.
    28mm carb, probably a OKO 28mm. Would a subframe kit to mount the carb over the rear tyre contribute noticeably to horsepower?
    Will I need an overrange kit to achieve my goal? On face value I think I can get away with secondary and/or primafry gears only.

    I know there’s some stupid questions which are probably common knowledge in Europe but I can’t read Portrugese/German/etc and google translate is hit and miss.

    Basically I’m asking, what would Jesus do?

    1. Travis
      Travis at |

      Or maybe something like a Stage 6 R/T 70cc with the porting mods?
      I just need a starting point, to know that my build will achieve what I want.


  31. lipe
    lipe at |

    Hi Daniel,

    I have a stock 2007 piaggio typhoon 50ac. It only goes as far as 70kph and I would like to take it to 120kph or more. Acceleration isn´t what I´m looking for… because I make long trips (30kms X 2 per day to go to work) I want to go faster and maintain speed (now when I go up hill my scooter lowers to 45kph…). Of course I also want something that will last, sometinhg durable and reliable.
    What parts should I get to reach this kind of performance with my tph 50cc 2 stroke piaggio?

    Thank You

  32. jason
    jason at |

    Hey i have a 2009 yamaha bws50cc and i wanted to make it faster but does anyone know whats better a fully equipped stage 6 streetrace 70cc kit with the pipe or a 70cc polini kit but i then buy the pipe separately which would be the polini race 4. If any of you know whats best or have recommondations please let me know.

  33. eddy
    eddy at |

    Hi Daniel, I got a vespa 50cc et2 year 2000, it is terribly slow, would this set up be ok for it?
    Polini Corsa 70cc Cylinder Kit Air Cooled
    Malossi Delta Clutch 107mm
    Polini Kevlar Drive Belt
    Leo Vince SP3

    Would I need to add anything else to it?

    Thanks in Advance

  34. PETROS
    PETROS at |

    hi daniel, i have sym euro jet 50 and i recently bought a malossi kit cylinder piston and head 70cc.I install the kit and i start the bike but it was making a noise the piston.When i checked the piston it has more play in the cylinder than it should.What you recomend?Thanks Petros

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  36. ray
    ray at |

    i want to buy Stage6 Sport Pro 70cc Cylinder Kit for honda dio (not dio zx)
    do you know the part number or where can i find it?

  37. Dan
    Dan at |

    Would this be a good set up for a piaggio zip 2t ac, and how much km/h could I expect out of it? Thanks.

    – Stage6 Chrome Exhaust
    – Stage6 21mm dellorto race carb (black edition)
    – Stage6 SportPro 70cc aluminium cylinder kit
    – Stage6 19×15.5 variator roller box set (6.5g to 9.5g)
    – Stage6 Drive Belt
    – Naraku HPC Racing Full Circle Crankshaft
    – SKF Crank Bearings / Seals C4 – Uprated Race

  38. Dan
    Dan at |

    Would this be a good set up for a piaggio zip 2t ac, and how much km/h could I expect out of it? Thanks. Just updated version of last post with different stage6 carb.

    – Stage6 chrome exhaust
    – Stage6 21mm R/T MK II PWK racing carb
    – Stage6 SportPro 70cc aluminium cylinder kit
    – Stage6 19×15.5 variator roller box set (6.5g to 9.5g)
    – Stage6 drive belt
    – Naraku HPC racing full circle crankshaft
    – SKF crank bearings / seals C4 – uprated race

  39. mixi
    mixi at |

    hi Daniel,
    I have cagiva progress 50, (derbi hunter 50 basically) and would like to upgrade to 70cc . i think i’ll go for malossi 30€ seems very fine since it’s air cooled engine. any suggestions are welcome. thank you!

  40. Bart Lormans
    Bart Lormans at |

    Hi Daniel,

    I have a piaggio zip (air cooled) with the following modifications:
    -21 mm dellorto carburetor
    -yasuni R
    -power filter
    -polini hi speed vario
    -standard crankshaft

    I’m trying to look for a new cylinder and was wondering if you know any good cylinder for my setup?

    Regards, Bart


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